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Making the Switch from a Canon 5D Mark III to a Sony A7RII

This isn’t a typical camera review of the A7R2 though, it’s more like a journey on how I got here. You see, I’ve been watching the Sony mirrorless system for a while now but I couldn’t bring myself to take the jump, I use the Canon 5D Mk III and L Series lenses for my pro line of work and use the Fuji X-Pro 1 for my street and travel photography.

Some serious Gear Acquisition Syndrome!
My G.A.S was getting out of control with my existing cameras such as the Canon 5D Mk III, Fuji X-Pro 1, X-A1 and now the Sony A7RII.

Honestly speaking, I was quite happy with this set up until a couple of months ago when Sony introduced the A7RII with its 42 megapixel BSI sensor, a claimed 14 stops of dynamic range and super high ISO sensitivity and 5 Axis IS, they even packed in 4K recording natively!

Whenever people asked me if I was to start again, which system would I jump in to, I’d always tell them the Sony FE System but because of my current Gear Acquisition Syndrome, I was tethered to Canon and Fuji but what if there was this mythical camera that allowed me to merge these two styles of photography?

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We Are Recruiting Photographers and Writers. Apply Today!

Thanks to your cherished support, iLHP has had some incredible growth ever since we launched late last year. Since we are almost at our one year anniversary, it’s time for another round of expansion. We are looking for talented photographers to bring everyone even more high quality original content.

We are looking for exceptional photographers with a passion for writing. We are specifically looking for photographers specializing in the following areas: gear reviews, street photography, landscape & wildlife photography, commercial fashion photography, wedding photography, photo journalismsports & action photography, paparazzi photography, and travel photography.


  • Freelancers – You have a passion for photography. Maybe you are on the forums. Maybe you already have a photography blog. We offer you the opportunity to reach over 250,000+ readers by publishing your articles on iLHP. Please write to us with the subject line “iLHP Freelancer” and include: (1) article idea (no Q&A’s please); (2) a few of your images to be published along with the article; (3) link to your portfolio or brief bio. Both amateurs and professionals are welcomed to apply.
  • Columnists – If you are a professional photographer that would like expand your brand and reach online, you are encouraged to apply to be one of our regular Columnists. You will publish 1 article every month or so and you will always have a place to promote your images, workshops, and other photography related products. Please write to us with the subject line “iLHP Columnist” and include: (1) your online portfolio; (2) a brief bio including where you are from; and (3) your field of photography. Photographers from around the world are welcomed to apply.
  • Creative Director – If you are an excellent writer with a talent for photography, we offer you the best chance to create something very special together. As a Creative Director for a growing iLHP, we will determine the direction of iLHP together. You will have independent creative freedom to publish your article each week, and you will have your impact on the industry. We have a business plan and very high goals. But we believe that with the right people, the sky’s the limit! Please write to us with the subject line “iLHP Creative Director” and include: (1) your resume or LinkedIn; (2) your online portfolio; and (3) a short statement stating what you will bring to our team. All applications will be confidential. Experience in online publishing or WordPress is preferred but not necessary. Key determination will be based on your photography and writing skills.

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Bridal Looks for the 2015 Wedding Season

It’s no secret that wedding season is officially upon us! Many have started receiving save-the-dates and wedding invites, which can sometimes be met with an eye-roll, followed by a “here we go again!” However, for bridal photographers, this is when the work starts to come in, and wedding season is finally a time to get out there and make some money.

The same goes for lots of hair stylists and makeup artists, who must prepare for chaotic weekends filled with bobby pins, blowouts and false eyelashes. To celebrate Hurricane Wedding heading our way, I teamed up with one of my favorite bridal photographers, Hannah Wahl, and put together a collection of bridal looks for this wedding season.

The Trendy Bride


The Trendy Bride is a girl who looks to fashion magazines and blogs for inspiration for her wedding, rather than bridal ones. She’s modern and hip, her wedding venue could be at a cool bar with a live band.

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5 Tips for Working with Professional Models

So you’ve owned a fancy pants camera for a while now. You’ve done your landscapes, your travel, and even your street photography. You may even be pretty good at them. But this one’s a little different.

Trees and mountains don’t really move. Flowers and streams can’t talk back to you. You can hide behind your camera and just snap away amidst the chaotic city but when you’re face to face with a beautiful woman in a lit studio, you’ve gotta know what you’re doing.


Welcome to portrait/fashion photography. To me, this is the most challenging yet most exciting, and certainly the most glamorous, aspect of photography. It’s so organic. It’s as much about them as it is about you. It’s a fifteen foot dance, where your presence guides their expression. It’s distant yet intimate. It’s also hard to get it right. But when you do, it’s more beautiful than a sunset.

Here at iLHP, we’d love to help more photographers get into portrait and fashion photography. It can be a little daunting at first, working with someone rather than something is entirely different. But hopefully with these five short and helpful hints, it will give you some tools to explore this collaborative aspect of the art.

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