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We Are Recruiting Photographers and Writers. Apply Today!

Thanks to your cherished support, iLHP has had some incredible growth ever since we launched late last year. Since we are almost at our one year anniversary, it’s time for another round of expansion. We are looking for talented photographers to bring everyone even more high quality original content.

We are looking for exceptional photographers with a passion for writing. We are specifically looking for photographers specializing in the following areas: gear reviews, street photography, landscape & wildlife photography, commercial fashion photography, wedding photography, photo journalismsports & action photography, paparazzi photography, and travel photography.


  • Freelancers – You have a passion for photography. Maybe you are on the forums. Maybe you already have a photography blog. We offer you the opportunity to reach over 250,000+ readers by publishing your articles on iLHP. Please write to us with the subject line “iLHP Freelancer” and include: (1) article idea (no Q&A’s please); (2) a few of your images to be published along with the article; (3) link to your portfolio or brief bio. Both amateurs and professionals are welcomed to apply.
  • Columnists – If you are a professional photographer that would like expand your brand and reach online, you are encouraged to apply to be one of our regular Columnists. You will publish 1 article every month or so and you will always have a place to promote your images, workshops, and other photography related products. Please write to us with the subject line “iLHP Columnist” and include: (1) your online portfolio; (2) a brief bio including where you are from; and (3) your field of photography. Photographers from around the world are welcomed to apply.
  • Creative Director – If you are an excellent writer with a talent for photography, we offer you the best chance to create something very special together. As a Creative Director for a growing iLHP, we will determine the direction of iLHP together. You will have independent creative freedom to publish your article each week, and you will have your impact on the industry. We have a business plan and very high goals. But we believe that with the right people, the sky’s the limit! Please write to us with the subject line “iLHP Creative Director” and include: (1) your resume or LinkedIn; (2) your online portfolio; and (3) a short statement stating what you will bring to our team. All applications will be confidential. Experience in online publishing or WordPress is preferred but not necessary. Key determination will be based on your photography and writing skills.

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An Embarrassing Peek at Some of My Very Early Images

This is terribly embarrassing! Sharing hideous images I took with my then iPhone 4S with our iLHP readers. I typically spend each week selecting my BEST images to include in my article. Photos I believe will represent my current skill level and that I am proud to share. I thought it would be interesting (maybe even laughable) to take a glimpse at some photos I actually thought were worthy enough to share not that long ago.

I have mentioned several times in previous iLHP articles that my love for photography began to vastly develop about two years ago. I had just switched from a BlackBerry to an iPhone and instantly became captivated with the camera features and quality. It was routine for me to be walking along the cobblestone Parisian streets and stop to capture something with my iPhone. It was also around that time I started posting and sharing my images on Instagram.


A few times, I have looked back through my Instagram archives (which as of today consists of 4409 little square images) and considered deleting many! When I begin to scroll and see how they progressively get worse the further back I scroll, I opt against it and leave them as a reminder of just how far I have come as a photographer in a relatively short period of time.

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iLHP is in Vogue!


And we are in California! To bring you new original content and to wrap up Part 3 of the Terry Richardson series, iLHP will be shooting in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego for the month of August. Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of shooting with Camille H. She is a 19 y/o up-and-coming model from Oakland, CA. I cannot rave enough about this girl. She is genuine, intuitive, and professional. Camille can read my mind in terms of what this photographer is looking for. When things click, the creative process becomes such a joy.


More photos are in the gallery below. A detailed interview and article will also follow.

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Model, M.D.


In Boston, more than half the people I meet either have a doctorate, masters, or some other advanced degree. It is really uncanny and it was no different last weekend. Elle is a beautifully tall and skinny Canadian surgical resident, studying her masters at Harvard University this summer. She also models in her spare time. We rented the gorgeous DD Pro Imaging Studios in Somerville, and had ourselves a fantastic shoot. An in-depth article will follow.

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