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Getting Prepared for Travel and Holiday Photography

Before leaving your house with the whole package on your back for your summer vacations, some tips are good to know or recall for your camera safety, to take the most original shots and just to enjoy your trip!

Before starting the count down, it is important to determine what type of photography you are going to do. Are you just looking for some souvenirs and selfies, then in this case a Point&Shoot ( theRX100M III is probably one of the best for this. Otherwise for $80, you can get great holiday pictures with this Sony W800) or even a smartphone can do the job, no need to bring 20 pounds (10kg) of equipment and come back at work with a backache!

Should you bring 1, 2, 3, 4 lenses?
Getting prepared for travel photography. What are you going to bring? Choosing the right gear for travel photography- iLHP
Getting prepared for travel photography. What are you going to bring?

But if you are an enthusiast photographer and if the light and the depth of field and the overall quality of your pictures matter the most, then you will consider bringing your “stuff” with you. If you really want to travel light, then a 24-70mm or a 24-105mm will do the job as an all-around lens. Or if you want to travel very light with your DSLR, some pancake Continue reading Getting Prepared for Travel and Holiday Photography

Choosing the Ideal Macro Lens Focal Length

What is the difference between the 60mm, 100mm and 150mm macro lens? 

If you’re looking to purchase a DSLR macro lens for the first time, it’s easy to get confused by the range that is available. To be considered as a macro lens, the lens must feature a 1:1 magnification, meaning that the object will be reproduced at its actual size on the sensor. depending on the practice you have, you’ll need different length of macro lenses. But let’s define what macro photography is.

What is Macro Photography?

Eye macro lens - iLHP
(Photo credit: Suren Manvelyan)

But first, what is macro photography? It’s pretty hard to define. We all have our own appreciation of the distance it should be to be considered macro. Usually people tend to call everything macro as long as it is a general close-up. It actually gathers 3 types of categories:

Continue reading Choosing the Ideal Macro Lens Focal Length

Guess The Format Quiz!


Compact, micro 4/3rd, APS-C, Full Frame?!

There had been, there is and there will always be a debate around sensors sizes, especially lately as the technology gets better and better. It seems like compact cameras, like the Sony RX100 Mark III has reached such a high image quality it can compete with APS-C formats from entry level DSLRs. Pretty amazing! We can also read here and there that the Sony A6000 can almost compete with full frame cameras. Even more astonishing, some risk themselves to compare full frame A7 to medium format cameras.

What’s next? Well, Sony will soon try to introduce a new competitor  to the Hasselblad medium format cameras. But remember, Pentax, Nikon and Hasselblad use Sony’s sensors.

Maybe size does matter when it comes to photography!

But are you sure?

Take the test to see if you can tell the difference between compacts, micro 4/3rd, APS-C or Full Frame sensors. You’ll see that it’s not that easy!


I took the test and got a score of 62% only.

What’s yours? At iLHP, we are curious to know! ;-p