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How to Build a Snorricam Harness: (Part 1- The Setup)

The idea came while shopping with my wife. I was waiting outside the fitting room of a Tilly’s, when this blast from the past came on the screens. I haven’t heard 1979 in probably over 10 years and The Smashing Pumpkins had once been my favorite band. Apparently the 90s is finally retro now, which inconveniently reminds me of my slow yet eventual descend into irrelevancy. Then again…

It’s a great song. It’s an even better music video. It’s an idealized version of the American teenage experience, an experience I share. The scenes from 3:04 has always stuck with me, a shot of the hooligan from close range as he walks into the convenience store. The camera tilts and shakes in rhythm with his footsteps. This led me to the discovery of the Snorricam.

The Snorricam

The Snorricam, named after the Icelandic Snorri brothers (I’m not making this up), is a chest mounted rig that aims the camera at the wearer. When the model walks, they do not appear to move but everything else in the background does. It is essentially a hands-free selfie stick.

The clip above from Requiem for a Dream is perhaps the most famous use of the Snorricam in Hollywood, a hauntingly great film by the way, especially if you are prone to addictions. Jennifer Connelly is seriously underrated and reminds me of a blue-eyed brunette I once knew in Montreal.

Trying to buy or rent a Snorricam seem to be impossible for mere mortals as I couldn’t find anything online. I came across a myriad of DIY tutorials, but many were incomplete and others were hilarious. So we took this person’s original design, improved it in terms of comfort, and made our own. Total materials cost about $20.

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