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What I Learned Being Stuck at Home: Self Portraits – Part 1

Before the cold winter months began to take effect, I promised myself I would not let my photography suffer. I had a mental checklist of all the things I wanted to photograph that I missed out on our last glacial Toronto winter. My camera bag has been packed and ready to go by the door since the extreme cold set in. Every time I make plans, I opt against it as soon as I take one step outside. I miss photographing! During the summer months I was out practically everyday with camera in hand. Now for the past several months my camera sits untouched collecting dust.

I have gone on a total of two shoots with portrait photographers in the recent past chilly months. I was anticipating learning the basics but usually leave frustrated and with an empty memory card. After my cohorts have finished setting up the lighting and adjusting their camera settings I  am already overwhelmed and end up throwing in the towel before the shoot has even begun.

Testing the window lighting | Taken with Canon 70D | 1/180 at f/4.5, ISO 2500 |


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Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

I have been back living in Toronto now almost a year and a half and I still find myself fascinated when photographing architecture and cityscapes. I believe, as I have mentioned in the past, that each city I visit, I find myself inspired by different elements. When I first began shooting, when I was living in Paris, I would mostly shoot the sunsetting, the Seine and recognizable landmarks.  Eventually I became fascinated on photographing candid images of people. I have always been moved by images of people captured in their natural state. Once people are aware the camera is pointed at them they change their demeanour immediately.

fur funny FINAL

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