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iLHP Welcomes Nature Photographer Nicolas Orillard To The Team

iLHP is always trying to bring you new content. We’ve decided to welcome to the team a fantastic pro landscape/wildlife photographer who travels around the world. Nicolas Orillard is a very successful pro-photographer who will share his experience as a pro-photographer and talk about his fantastic travels around the world.

“Photography is for me the possibility to switch off the rest of the world, to come to peace. The time spend hiking, waiting for the light to come, watching the nature around me is my opportunity to get better. It is somehow a therapy.”


iLHP: Hi Nicolas, we’re very pleased to have you here at iLHP. You’re a pro photographer who travels a lot, can you please tell us a bit about yourself? 

Nicolas: Hi, I am a 32 year old french Nature Photographer based in the south west region of France. The majority of my pictures are taken around the world ( Norway, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Peru….) with recently more landscapes than wildlife.


iLHP: So Nicolas, we’re thrilled to have you in the team and can’t wait read your articles about your travels and your experience as a pro photographer. Can you tell us in a few words what you will be talking about? 

A Drive Through Scotland’s Countryside

Scotland was never high on my list of must see places until I moved to Paris. My best friend for many years was born in Scotland and would invite me to go back with her every year she returned to visit. I always considered it but it never came to fruition. Just recently I had the opportunity to visit again and this time I could not refuse. This was not my first trip to Scotland but it was my first time going with the intention of photographing a myriad of places. There is an area along the River Clyde where I was hoping to shoot several buildings. However, once I reached the location I realized my battery had only one power bar left.

The SSE Hydro | Glasgow |

I brought along two extra batteries on my trip however I failed to bring them this particular evening and left them back at the hotel. Also, I believed the battery loaded in my camera was charged at full capacity. This was only my first night in Glasgow so I still had the rest of the week to return to capture all I had wanted to before I returned home. I was hoping to capture three buildings my first night so I would not have to worry about returning another night during my short week there.

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