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Being A Movie Set Photographer: Alex Pixelle

iLHP is always on the look out to bring the best and exclusive content as you already know. We’ve interviewed lately the Zeiss managers at PhotoPlus Expo in New York. But our purpose is also to promote the work of great photographersamateurs and professionals in different fields like fashionmacrowildlife and architecture but this time is a little bit more exclusive and rare. iLHP met with Alex Pixelle, a professional photographer in the very exclusive industry of film making and TV shows! Her style is obviously outstanding. Alex was kind enough to make herself available in her very busy schedule and meet with us around a cup of coffee to talk about her photography world.

“To me photographing an actor/artist, is above all, bringing the best out of him/her and sublimate their charisma. The complete opposite of the craziness of the paparazzi. You have to respect them. It is pro to pro relationship, that is how they accept you.”

Alex Pixelle iLHP Interview
Alex Pixelle herself!

iLHP: Hi Alex, we’re very happy and honored to have you here at iLHP. Photography and videography (movies) are sometimes very close together, however this is the first time we interview a movie and TV set photographer. Can tell us more about you?

Alex: I’m 27 years old. I come from the center of France, the region of the castles (les chateaux de la Loire). I always wanted to be a photographer since I was a teenager, but people tried to discourage me, saying it was not a “real job”. I thought that you have to do what you like, what you are passionate about in life, to accomplish your dreams, so I thought I should work hard on this!

“The Sony A7rII is a little revolution of its own!”

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Traveling Through Iceland (Part 1)

With the winter just around the corner, some of you might already be starting planing ahead their winter trips. Why not Iceland this year?! For many years it has been a quiet place, only few travelers to test the winter conditions at the time. Now this island has become the new photographer’s paradise and is getting more and more popular. And this for a good reason : it is indeed undeniably a place like nowhere else in our world. Travelling in Iceland during the winter season is “slightly” different than during the summer time…


The length of the day, the weather conditions, the road access or even the number of tourists will be different! Doing photography in such a cold destination can be tricky and remind you quickly how hurtful a frozen nose can be. Iceland is not the coldest place on earth, temperatures stay at a reasonable level but the windchill is something you need to be prepared to deal with.

So first of all, and before preparing your camera gear, prepare some good and warm clothes. This will definitely make you a happy photographer. Use the « onion trick » to keep warm, the more layers you stack the less cold you feel. Having some good boots will allow you to walk into snow conditions and not loosing one of your toes ! Multiple gloves is also a good help when it comes to photography.


You need at least two different types, big and warm outside gloves and slim ones to be able to correctly use you camera gear. Also put some grip ( tennis racket grip i.e) on a section of your tripod. If not already done, you will thank me later for that when you try it!  Continue reading Traveling Through Iceland (Part 1)

Q&A With Bram Berkien: An Active Lifestyle Photographer

Bram Berkien is an active lifestyle photographer based in the Netherlands.  iLHP wanted to gain insight as to what being an active lifestyle photographer entailed.  Bram’s photographs capture the dedication and expressions of the athletes he shoots in his images. We are proud to have had the chance to share our exclusive interview with Bram and hope you appreciate the hard work and skill that is involved when shooting under these circumstances.


iLHP:  Hi Bram, thank you for your time to answer some questions for us. How long have you been into photography?

Bram:  About five years ago I got my first DSLR. I still remember promising to myself I wouldn’t put more money into it, not get another lens. That didn’t quite work out. Then a year later I started doing small assignments, which quickly grew into more serious projects. About a year and a half ago I finished my master’s degree of science and since then I’ve focused on photography. I felt like that was something I needed to do in order to live my life to the fullest, passing on a career as an engineer. Since I’ve decided to do this for a living I’ve been refining my niche and style.

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Portrait Photography with MK Tran

It seems like everybody is a professional photographer nowadays. While film was a high barrier to entry both in terms of cost and skill, the digital revolution has since democratized the photography industry. With that, the term “professional” seems to weigh less now than it used to.

Then you come across somebody like MKTran. A Boston native with a spectacular eye for beauty. He is not your Ken Rockwell types obsessed over gear and begging for donations. He is not your Steve Huff or Matt Granger types, better known for their opinions on photography than for their actual work. No. MKTran is a professional photographer in the purist sense of the words. He creates beautiful images that leave you wondering, yearning, and feeling. His work speaks for itself. Here is the man behind these mesmerizing images.

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iLHP: Hi MKTran, I am a huge fan of your work. When I see most photographs, 90% of the time, I’d tend to think “gosh, I can do that.” But when I look at your work, the emotion you are able to capture, the subtle nuances, I just have no idea how you do it. Please tell us a bit about yourself. We want to know the photographer behind those images. 

MK Tran: Thanks for your compliments Ed. I’d be happy to. I grew up in a tropical beach town in Vietnam. Immigrated here in 1998, and Boston has been my home since. I love music. I own three guitars. I love jazz. I am an audiophile, we can talk hi-fi all day. I started shooting two years ago in 2012. I love single malt Scotch. 

iLHP: Only two years ago, that is very recent. Did you go to art school?
MKTran: No. Art school would be interesting, though I don’t think creativity can be taught. Art is a relationship with yourself, so you’re better off traveling or absorbing life in some other way.

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