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Travel Japan: My 5 Favorite Cities of Mie Prefecture

Looking for a more quiet area of Japan to go sightseeing? Why not try Mie, Japan. Quite honestly, before moving to Japan I have never heard of this prefecture before. I ended up living in a tiny area in the Mie prefecture that not so many people know. But that one year living in the center area of Japan allowed me to travel to places I might not have necessarily have went to.

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Mie is a quite beautiful prefecture in Japan facing the Pacific Ocean. It is about 2 hours by Limited Express Train from two big cities in Japan, Osaka and Nagoya. I will list some areas that I have travelled to in Mie, why I went there, and what I thought was worth seeing.

Mei Prefecture is in southern Japan, close to the cities of Osaka and Nagoya.

I think I should add that, I have a Japanese driver’s license and my own company car so, I didn’t have any problems getting around. But, Mie is quite limited in its means of transportation so I highly recommend renting a car.

Here we go, my top 5 cities to visit in the prefecture of Mie, Japan.

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