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The Fairytale Garden

Very design blade of grass with a dew drop at its end. The bokeh adds the magical atmosphere to this image. (90mm, f/3.2, 1/640 sec, 200 ISO)

Macro Photography is interesting as it allows us to see what we cannot plainly see with our eyes. A simple lawn with morning dew becomes a place where artistic subjects cohabits with bugs and incredible lansdscapes making a fairytale of all of these things.

Snail on a flower petal at twilight (90mm, f/4, 1/100 sec, 320 ISO)

It’s also a very convenient photography field because you don’t need to live in a wonderful place or travel to fabulous countries to find artistic and amazing sceneries! Continue reading The Fairytale Garden

How to Shoot Artful Droplets on Flower Petals

Droplet, drop, petal, flower, red, black, macro, Sony, Sigma, water
90mm, f/2.8, 1/400 sec, 100 ISO

Petals and droplets… classic combo but it always works well! It can be graphical, poetic or simply gorgeous.

It’s not always easy to do but here I give you my tips to get your own droplet on a petal shot.

Droplet, drop, petal, flower, pink, purple, macro, Sony, Sigma, water
90mm, f/8, 1/8sec, 100 ISO

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