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My 10 Favorite Instagramers in 2014

I attribute most of my successes as a photographer to photo-sharing on Instagram.  It was Instagram that inspired me to begin taking photos and share them with like-minded individuals while I was living in Paris.  Instagram helped me grow as a photographer and inspired me to want to take better photos.  When I look back to my earlier pictures I have to laugh at the images I posted and the ridiculous way I chose to edit them.  Many are overly saturated, processed with multiple filter overlays and covered in highly unrealistic effects.  I have often thought about going back and deleting my earlier photos due to embarrassment.  However, I always opt not to,  so I can look back to see how far I have come since my first Instagram post roughly two years ago.

It was through this growing process that just over a year ago, I purchased my first DSLR with the intention of learning how to correctly use it.  Unlike other of my past cameras, where I shot solely in automatic.

It was through Instagram where I have met many fantastic photographers from Toronto.  Some with similar interests and others that have inspired me to try and explore new genres.  My fellow local Instagramers have taught me new photography skills and been supportive since we have become acquainted.

I have continued to use Instagram as a photo sharing outlet as well as expanded to other social networking sites.  I owe my successes such as writing for iILP, showcasing my works at exhibitions, having my work published and selling my images to photography enthusiasts whom wish to hang my photos on their walls all to Instagram.

Here are my top 10 favorite Instagramers in no particular order:

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Rediscovering Toronto

After coming back to live in Toronto and living outside of Canada for the past 12 years, I feel like I am  a newcomer to this city I have always known as home.  It feels odd to come back to a place I was once so familiar with and suddenly feel like a stranger.

Now that I am more submerged in the photography culture, I am looking at the city in a whole new perspective.  I am involved in social media networking with like minded people.  People who share similar photography interests primarily through Instagram, Flickr and more recently 500px.  Through these media outlets, I slowly began to follow people mostly from the cities I have lived in and cities I have visited that are most familiar to me.  I slowly began to become reacquainted with my city.   I wanted to find where the best places to shoot were and educate myself on the newly developed areas of Toronto.

Brookfield Place|

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