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The Best Of Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas, Nevada can be a little overwhelming. It a fantastic destination for many reasons. Street photography can be amazing as you meet all sort of people, but the lights everywhere and the frenetic life also make it a city of choice for this kind of photography. It could also be an original place for architectural photography. Not only Las Vegas offers a unique scenery but it is also an awesome reason for vacationing and have fun. There are tons of casinos, countless poker rooms, and more theaters and stages than you can keep track of. There are also shopping districts, award-winning restaurants, themed clubs, trendy bars, and miscellaneous entertaining attractions everywhere you look. Throw in the fact that it’s all quite literally cloaked in flashing lights, and a sensory overload is perfectly understandable.

So how are you supposed to know how to spend your time? Some would say that it’s almost best “not” to know. The best way to experience Las Vegas can be to let yourself get swept up in it. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to have a few goals in mind if you get to visit this infamous hub of entertainment. So here we’ll look at some of the best options in popular categories.

The Best Resort


This might be the most difficult category to nail down, because resorts involve so many different features. The ARIA comes up as a top option in most searches these days as one of the newer resorts, and big names like the Wynn and Cosmopolitan are also always worth checking out. Continue reading The Best Of Las Vegas

A Quick Trip To Las Vegas With My New Sony A7

After owning my Canon 70D less than a year, it abruptly decided to crash on me mid-photoshoot. My sister-in-law had been persistently inquiring since spring time, to take portraits of her kids, my niece and nephew. She is well aware of my passion for photography but she failed to realize that I shoot mostly in the wee hours of the night after the sun has set. More importantly, I shoot such things as architecture that does not have to be instructed how to pose or talk back to me. My knowledge of shooting people does not expand much past my brief street photography stint while I was living in Paris over a year ago. At that time my knowledge of picture taking was extremely elementary.

Inescapably I concurred and we scheduled a shoot to capture the dynamic colours of the fall leaves before the ground soon was concealed in snow.  My camera started behaving strangely and it was producing a bright light horizontally across the screen almost as soon as we began.  A warning sign flashed on the screen telling me to remove the battery and reinsert it.  Removing and inserting the battery multiple times and turning my camera off and on I began to realize that this was a much larger problem that I could not resolve on my own. That was the end of my sister-in-law’s much anticipated shoot.

After bringing my sister-in-law’s photoshoot to a rapid halt, I dashed to my favourite camera store in the area, with my faulty Canon 70D in hand.

Las Vegas Boulevard | 1/50 sec at f / 11, ISO 50


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Road Trip Across America – (Part 1: The Plan)

iLHP is doing a photography road trip across America. The plan is to drive from Boston to Los Angeles via a southerly route,  across 15 states, two mountain ranges, three time zones, 3790 miles (6100KM), and about $500 in gas (if I’m lucky). Since it’s such a rare opportunity to do a massive drive like this, I want to make the most of it. So, my time table is pretty loose and I’m planning for making the journey in two weeks.

2014-08-30 11.41.33 am

Ideally, I’d like to say this trip has been in the works for some time, and that I’ve gone through painstaking planning. Honestly, I planned this trip in one night, first by researching what I wanted to explore in America and then working out the route itself on www.roadtrippers.com. Let’s see how I did.

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