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5 Reasons Why Primes Are Better Than Zooms

Beginners can sometimes be surprised when they discover you have such an expensive camera and yet you are not able to zoom with it. “In 2014, we have good enough technology to make zooms in every camera,” one of my friends told me once.

However, the performance of the primes lenses is important for a lot of photography areas. I do think primes are better than zooms for different reasons and aspects. Here I am about to tell you why:

5) Value


You can get very good prime lenses for a reasonable amount of money. Usually, 35 and 50mm f/1.8 are so common they are now quite cheap. Even the Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 is available at around $300. For such a nice and sharp piece of glass, it’s pretty affordable, believe me. For this price, you will have one constraint though. It’s full manual, so no image stabilization and no autofocus. As pointed out in one of our previous article, it’s not always  a problem especially for short focals. Unless you need a very long focal lenght like 300 or 500mm, most are good and affordable. For the price of one zoom you can often have 2 primes. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Primes Are Better Than Zooms

How to Shoot Artful Droplets on Flower Petals

Droplet, drop, petal, flower, red, black, macro, Sony, Sigma, water
90mm, f/2.8, 1/400 sec, 100 ISO

Petals and droplets… classic combo but it always works well! It can be graphical, poetic or simply gorgeous.

It’s not always easy to do but here I give you my tips to get your own droplet on a petal shot.

Droplet, drop, petal, flower, pink, purple, macro, Sony, Sigma, water
90mm, f/8, 1/8sec, 100 ISO

Continue reading How to Shoot Artful Droplets on Flower Petals