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Guest Article: My 20 Years of Architectural Photography Career by James B. Norman

Lately, I have been asked often”what should I be doing with my photography?” and “what is really important about photography?”

To answer to that question I’d like to share a small tale of my own convoluted path of my photography career through the years, and my attempt to find meaning in what I was doing.

I’ve been a professional architectural photographer for over 20 years, and did fine art B/W work prior to that for a few years. I see so many photographers that have nice equipment, have a good eye for photography, and yet have no direction or focus to their work. I thought I would take a few minutes and share a bit of my experience with some of you.


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Shooting in Groups | A New Experience

When I first starting shooting on somewhat of a regular basis, it was all done with my iPhone 4s and alone.  I was living in Paris at the time and would be walking around and see something that would catch my eye and I would quickly capture the moment.  The more I would photograph, the more I was determined to improve my skills and learn how to properly use a camera.

I did some research and decided to purchase a Canon 70D just last September.  I have used a Canon many years before but only used it in fully automatic mode. I had no real technical background or an understanding of photography whatsoever!  I would encounter difficult situations that I didn’t know how to perform and decided it was time to get a better grasp on the basics of photography.  I enrolled in few beginner courses to educate myself enough to become familiar with my camera and the basic tools necessary to achieve my desired vision.

Glasgow, Scotland | Shot with iPhone 4s | October 2012 | Taken by Alyssa Black |

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