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Saying Goodbye To South Florida

After just over a month in South Florida, my time having fun in the sun is finally coming to an end. I was excited to leave the brutally frigid Toronto winter and embrace the warm, tropical Miami air. I had my usual list compiled of all the places I wanted to shoot as I always do before I venture anywhere. However, my list doesn’t usually get fulfilled for one reason or another due to unforeseen circumstances. I often take for granted the amount of time I have to complete my wish-list.

In Miami I was fortunate to have stayed in a condo situated 48 stories up in the downtown area (as I mentioned in a previous article) which was facing due west and perfect for capturing sunsets. Every evening that I was at my temporary abode, I would patiently watch the sky hoping to capture something spectacular through my lens.

miami south florida-2
Downtown Miami | 1 sec at f/9, ISO 100 shot on Canon 70D |

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A Balancing Act in the Dominican Republic: Finding Time to Photograph the Island and Be a Bridesmaid

I was thrilled to escape the early signs of the harsh Toronto weather and bask in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic sun in early November. My primary reason for vacationing in the Caribbean was to attend one of my girlfriend’s wedding.  Visiting someplace new is always an exciting opportunity for me to be able to add more photos to my travel portfolio.  It also allows me the opportunity to improve the images I wasn’t happy with the last time I visited a similar destination as well as capture things I did not have the chance to photograph in previous trips.

dominican leica-3

Also, this holiday gave me the opportunity to shoot with my new Sony A7 for the second time.  I am accustomed to traveling with my Canon 70D,  lugging around a massive backpack and two tripods. When I switched to the Sony A7 I was able to downsize my camera bag to something that would not break my back.

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Amazing Locations: Key West, Florida


For those who are not very familiar with geography, Key West is a tiny island at the end of the “keys” in Florida (Take a look at the map). The keys are an archipelago of very small islands connected by a dozen of bridges. It’s the state route number 1 in Florida and the old town of key west is the mile 0. One of the bridges is called the “7 mile bridge”. No need to tell you why. I got the chance to visit this marvelous city last june, let me take you to a city tour in this very exotic and photogenic atmosphere! Continue reading Amazing Locations: Key West, Florida