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Sony A7II: Field Test! (Part2)

(We gave our first impressions here in Part 1 on the A7II. We’re now about to detail its image quality in real life.)

Sony just announced the all new A7rII (please read here our Top 7 Game Changing Features of the A7rII) with some amazing new features. We love how aggressive Sony is on the market forcing the “big ones” to react or die. This is an excellent competition, forcing every manufacturers to move forward and offer some real innovative technologies that Canon and Nikon (10 reasons to switch to mirrorless) have not been too prompt to do these past 5 years, thinking that their reputation and their cameras were good enough no matter what (Will they go full frame mirrorless?).

Official Sony Mirrorless website

“You will never regret, even a second, the images produced by this sensor”.

That being said, with the A7 series announced back in October 2013, Sony had already declared war to Canon and Nikon with this new category of weapons stating new references on the market especially with the A7s in terms of ISO performances. This series was very well engineered right from scratch and no one can deny its success now. The A7II is thus a refinement of the A7 featuring new assests/ skills that we have been discussing in the first part here.

As you already know, I loved how handy and well built this camera is. It is very practical and easy to use even though I think I could use one more customizable button. I also had to point a few flaws but they are not significant considering the qualities and the delight that this camera will offer you! So I am now going to test and review the image quality, for those who cannot put $3200 on the table to splurge on the all new A7rII (body only), the A7II offers already a great quality enjoyable for most of us, enthusiats and even pro-photographers — as I discussed here in a previous article —  for half the price, $1600 body only.

Image Quality

It is clear that the image quality depends on the lens you are using. It is then difficult to establish a clear ranking unless you do scientific tests and multiple comparisons with different cameras with the same lenses like DxOlab would do. Continue reading Sony A7II: Field Test! (Part2)

Creative Differences in Post Processing – You Be the Judge!

As my circle of photography friends know, I am always looking for new ideas and suggestions for blog posts.  My friend Kally, who I shoot with quite regularly, thought it would be an interesting assignment to exchange untouched images between the four of us.

I thought the best way to approach this group assignment was for each person to submit an unedited image.   Preferably an image none of us had seen before.  We were not to discuss our choices before submission.  Surprisingly we all struggled to find an image.  Most of our best images have been seen and shared prior to this assignment.

Image #1 – Original untouched | 

Taken by Kally Minakakis |
Unedited image | 1/2000 sec at f / 4.5, ISO 500 |

Edited by Kally Minakakis |
Image i |
Edited by Teresa Lindstead |
Image ii |
Edited by Marni Belavin |
Image iii |
Edited by Alyssa Black |
Image iv |

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Continue reading Creative Differences in Post Processing – You Be the Judge!