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My 10 Flickr Favorites in 2014

After being an avid Instagram user for several months and over saturating my account with numerous photos I decided it was time to try another photo sharing social network, Flickr.  I was starting to become more serious about my photography and I was tired of seeing scantily clad females, photos of over-priced gourmet coffee from across the country,  #ootd (outfit of the day), and shameless selfies to name a few.  I thought that creating a Flickr account would help inspire me to grow as a photographer, which in turn it did.

At first glance, many of the images posted on Flickr are really well composed and edited as well as have a slightly more professional feel in comparison to those on Instagram.  Some of the photographers I follow are present on both social media sharing sites.   Other photographers still have a preference to only one specific photo site.

Here is a list of my top 10  favorite Flickr photographers:

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Model Q&A with Lizzy S., a Designer and a Businesswomen

In an abandoned quarry thirty minutes south of Boston, I had the opportunity to talk and shoot with Lizzy S., a model, a designer, and a businesswomen. Within the buttoned up North East lives this free spirit originally from Oregon who just started her own brand called Nug Lyf (a play on Tupac’s “thug life”)

The shoot was in the Terry Style and if you notice in Part 3 of our “How to Shoot like Terry Richardson” series, she made a brief appearance in the middle of that article. Sadly, this was also my last shoot in Boston before I relocated to Los Angeles. But this particular location was so full of colorful graffiti and drawings, that it was a gem of a location to cap off my life on the East Coast. Rock climbers seemed to love this place too!

At an abandoned quarry, overlooking Boston in the distance.
At an abandoned quarry, overlooking Boston in the distance.

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Abandonment Issues

Urban Exploration, often referred to as Urbex or UE, is the exploration of abandoned buildings that are generally restricted and closed to the general public.  A commonly inquired question people want to know when they see these astonishing images from these not-so-easy to access locations is how to find out exactly where it is situated and how to enter.

lucas o
Klooster Sint-Anna | Taken by Lucas O | 1.3 sec at f / 6.3, ISO 320 |


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