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9 Great Documentaries on Photography, Art, and Design

To take beautiful pictures you must understand what is beautiful. Aesthetics, taste, and style defines an artist. Even if you are born naturally enough with a fantastic eye, it still must be developed, cultivated, and matured. Everything else is technique, which is mechanical and can be easily learned by anyone. Being a good photographer is no different. It’s not just about knowing the camera settings, how to manipulate light, or how to choose the right gear. It’s about being able to appreciate what is beautiful, what is different, what is unique, and sharing your vision with the rest of the world.

One accessible way of developing your tastes is to study what society considers beautiful. It’s a starting point. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and tastes differ, but it’s not as purely subjective as you may think. Having studied enough of it, you’ll soon realize that there are repeating themes, rhythms, and philosophies that transcend. Here are 9 fairly popular selections I have chose for you to explore.

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