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Cinemagraphs for the Upcoming Feature Film, “Devils in Disguise”

Cinemagraphs blend still photographs with an element of motion, adding a touch of the extraordinary while holding true to its ageless medium. These are not videos or video GIFs. They are photographs with a spark of life.

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First featured in the mainstream during the 20th cycle of America’s Next Top Model and, of course, the memorable Harry Potter movie series, the company Flixel has made creating cinemagraphs easier than ever. I’ve done it the hard way through Photoshop but Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro app makes the whole process so seamless that I’ve decided to forego our usual How-To’s because all you need to do is buy their software and watch this video. It’s that easy. Take our word for it, because iLHP is not sponsored by Flixel even though we totally should be by now. 😉


With our new digital tools, we collaborated with director, actor, model, and writer extraordinaire Guillaume Campanacci to take promo shots for his upcoming movie “Devils in Disguise,” starring the lovingly talented Magen Mattox and Montanna Leigh Gillis.

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4K Video Photography, the Latest Stake into the Hearts of Traditionalists

Remember the digital vs film debate, no more than 10 years old? Some still insists on film being alive. Well it’s not. It’s dead, it’s just not extinct yet. But just as even the most diehard of traditionalists and the “righteous” have finally gotten over inserting memory cards rather than rolls of acetate into their rectangular boxes, another wave of innovation and, god forbid change, is swelling just over the horizon. It’s going to solve the ultimate Achilles’ heel of the still photography format. It’s going to put some people out of business. And it’s going to put off a lot of people.

Nothing to see here, another pretty lady on the cover of a photography magazine, right? Wrong. The cover image is not shot by a still photography camera. It is a single frame pulled from a 4k video, clean enough to grace the cover of a magazine. Image from http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/latest/photo-news/could-4k-video-replace-traditional-photography-ap-shoots-its-first-ever-cover-image-on-4k-video-33704

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