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iLHP and Zeiss at PhotoPlus Expo 2015: Exclusive Interview

For the past year, iLHP has been collaborating with some of the industry’s best brands and manufacturers in order to bring you the newest and latest in photography. We’ve had early sneak previews and exclusive interviews. This past month, we attended the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City and met with ZEISS. We had the fortune of speaking with Nicole (Marketing Manager), Christoph (Brand and Product Communications), and Christophe (Senior Product Manager).

What is Zeiss Up To?


They were very enthusiast in answering your and our questions. Many projects are being developed and as you can imagine the partnership with Sony is their main point of focus, so to speak. There are obviously some secrets that they have to keep as the industrial competition is always ongoing but they could let us know that we can expect about 5 new Full-Frame E-mount lenses, including 2 to 3 new ones in 2016.

The Full Frame system is now clearly what the engineering and R&D teams in Germany are asked to develop. The A5100 and the A6000 are amazing cameras but are not the primary targets they want to address. They admitted being surprised by how popular and successful the A7 series is.

Like the Canon's and Nikon's, Sony's booth was very active with a lot of conferences.
Like the Canon’s and Nikon’s, Sony’s booth was very active with a lot of conferences.

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Evaluating Bokeh and the 3D “Pop” – (Part 1: Bokeh)

The Japanese term boke (ボケ), or the Americanized spelling bokeh, discusses the aesthetics of an image’s out-of-focus blur. The 3D “pop” describes the abrupt separation between sharpness and unsharpness that propels a focused subject on top of an unfocused background. The two concepts are closely related but aesthetically separate. A lot of people get these concepts mixed up, assuming one goes with the other, confusing correlation with causation.

In this series, we will attempt to separate the two concepts. First, we will describe each of them individually. Then, we will look at how they tie into each other in making a great image. 

Evaluating Bokeh

Daniel Zedda - Canon 85mm f12
Creamy bokeh, a hallmark of a Canon holy trinity, the EF 85mm f/1.2 L. Pop? Not so much. Image by Daniel Zedda https://www.flickr.com/photos/astragony/

Bokeh is the easier concept to wrap your head around.  It’s instantaneously describable and noticeable. So let’s start with this one first. Look at the image above. The out-of-focus yellows and greens next to the in-focus model is bokeh. The image really draws you into the model’s eyes because we are naturally drawn to areas of focus and brightness. Think of bokeh as shadow or negative space, bringing out and highlighting the positive space.

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