Instant Gratification

The best part about negative film was infinite reproducibility. The best part about Polaroids or  instant films was instant gratification. Digital photography seems to be the best of both worlds, instant gratifications reproduced infinitely. We see our shot right away in the LCD screen. We can print as many copies of a .jpg as we want. But what film has and digital lacks, is a sense of authenticity.

Digital has a sterility to it. Pore-less skin, porcelain eye whites, perfect exposures, geometric compositions. I feel more attached to my post-processing software than my digital camera. I capture a moment with this tool, but I bring it home to create my image. Film photography is so much more visceral and immediate. And nothing exemplifies this timelessness of photography than with instant films.

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Amazing Locations: The New Woodward’s

On a stroll after dinner in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, I explored the newly reopened Woodward’s building on the corner of W. Hastings and Abbott. Since 1903, Woodward’s was originally a department store and at one time stood as the premier shopping destination in Vancouver. Since it’s bankruptcy in 1993, this heritage of the city with a large neon “W” on top stood vacant, seldom used except for film shoots.

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JPG Magazine Feature


I’m pretty excited about this. Well, long story short, an editor at JPG Mag 8020 Media have been in contact with me since new years about one of my photographs considered for publication in their magazine. JPG Mag is a reader submission based magazine where photographers can upload photos onto their website under specific themes to be considered for publication. Voting is done by peers and editors get the final say. Competition is pretty tough as there are many talented photographers in the JPG community. One of my photos were voted for, chosen, and published. What an honor and a thrill. :)

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My Introduction – A Love Hate Relationship

My Introduction

Since April of 2008, it has been two years since I picked up my first DSLR. I’ve shot roughly 25000 frames. An average of 35 frames per day. A roll of film, each day, for the past two years then. I’ve grown from a complete photography newbie to what I would consider an obsessive amateur.

My Introduction

I absolutely love visual art, paintings, sculptures, and films, but I myself am hopeless at drawing, sketching, or painting. So, photography is my creative outlet. I have a love hate relationship with the craft. I often find that capturing the moment means being behind it, not within it. Yet, observing through a lens has opened me to unexpectedly new perspectives on life.

My Introduction

[2014 Edit:] I started this website initially as a portfolio of my work, but it has grown into an collaboration between photographers. An art collective if you well. We talk about anything camera or photography related. Industry news, recent purchases, vintage cameras and what have you. It’s going to be great.
My Introduction

We love questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms, fanboy-rants, and everything else that comes with writing down your opinions for all to read. There is a real person behind these words and he’d love to know what you think about his small corner of the internet.

Best regards,
– Edward T.