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The Harvard Master’s Student Elle

What do you think of when you hear the word “doctor” or “surgeon?” Somebody in a lab coat or scrubs with a stethoscope around their neck? Try a 5’11” beautiful women with endless legs. I had the pleasure of working with Elle a few weeks ago. She is a surgical resident from Ottawa, Canada, spending her summer at Harvard for her Masters degree. Below is our brief interview. For projects and shoot, you can contact her via her ModelMayhem page.


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iLHP: Hi Elle, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself first? 

Elle: I’m an African-Canadian and I am currently completing my medical training in Canada. I’m a foodie, music lover and I love to travel whenever I can!

iLHP: Model, MD! What a rare breed! You mentioned you were originally from Ottawa, what drew you to Boston? 
Elle: Boston has a lot of great options for graduate school programs which is helpful since I’m pursuing a masters degree. It’s also a fantastic city for its food, music and history which is an added bonus.

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A Biomedical Engineer, Gamer, and Model, Ari F.

Last week, I had the pleasure of shooting Ari, on a blisteringly hot Boston summer day. We strolled around Boston University, our alma mater, snuck into a few open classrooms, and generally had lots of fun. Here is the short interview I did with her after our shoot.

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iLHP: Hi Ari, why don’t you first tell us a bit about yourself?
Ari: Hi everyone! I’m a college senior studying biomedical engineering at Boston University. I’m a gamer, robotics nerd, traveler, and food lover. Emphasis on the food part, haha.
iLHP: So biomedical engineering, beautiful and smart! Engineering is quite a departure from photography, or maybe it isn’t. What draws you to modeling? 
Ari:  I find it fascinating how a wrong angle or a change in the camera’s settings can dramatically change a photograph. Photography is a lot more technical than people give it credit for. I actually used to be behind the camera a lot and would take photos while traveling in Europe. Now I’m in front of it and it’s every bit as technical.

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New Feature at iLHP – Model Interviews

More often than not, we see a beautiful women in a photograph, only to have no idea who they are. The fashion and beauty industries have long materialized women to their sell their goods.  For every Kate Moss or Candice Swanepoel, there are countless nameless faces. Mannequins for clothes, robots for runways, and plastic perfection for cosmetics. It is easy to be lost behind a photo and forget that there is a person in front of the camera. And unfortunately, photographers are the enablers.

It’s not the photographers’ fault really. Their jobs are to take the pretty pictures. Advertisers, agencies, and brands are there to sell the look. It doesn’t matter if a model is brilliantly intelligent or has a substance abuse problem. Looks are the only thing.

But I think we can do better here at iLHP. Since we are independently run and don’t have to cater to corporate whims, we can put some humanity back into the art. Beauty is looks, but beauty is also more. Beauty is an attitude. Beauty is personality. Beauty is intelligence. And of course, smart is sexy.

Starting this week at iLHP we will have a new recurring  feature in which we interview the models. Professional or amateur,  we will put a mind to a beautiful face.