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ilovehatephotography is an online magazine dedicated to bringing high quality original content in the art and craft of photography. We are proud to feature and showcase works from talented photographers. We are run by an international team of enthusiastic photographers, exploring the dichotomy of the art with the camera as our paintbrush.

Why do we love and hate photography? Often times, capturing the moment requires us to not be a part of it. As Annie Leibovitz puts it: “The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.” Yet, capturing slices of life through a lens opens up new and unexpected perspectives. After all, some of the best relationships in life are love hate relationships.

Creative Directors:

nsuntitled-5w-2Edward T. – ModelMayhem; Ed is a musician, an attorney, and a commercial photographer. He’s studied music with the Royal Conservatory of Music forever, graduated with a bookshelf science degree in Genetics & Cell Biology, and proudly earned his J.D. from Boston University. His photographic works have been published in print and digital media, as album covers, and exhibited in New York City. He focuses on fashion, street, and art photography. Ed despises self promotion but enjoys romantic dinners with his beautiful wife.

IMG_0665-001Christian M. – Flickr; Shutterstock; Chris (IdeaLuz Photography) is a poet and macro photography expert. He has an MBA from the University of Versailles. He lives in the most romantic city in the world and married his high school sweetheart. He spends some of his time travelling between France, the US and South America. He focuses on macro, landscape, and art photography. He is a former motocross rider and loves the beaches of Key West, Florida.

me paris.Alyssa B. – Instagram; Alyssa is a fashion designer and an Instagram star. After receiving her BFA from Florida she opened a clothing boutique which helped launch her handbag design career.  She has a MFB from The International Fashion Academy in Paris where she taught Visual Merchandising upon graduation.  She currently spends her time between Toronto and Paris. Her work focuses on her travels of candid, street, and architectural photography. Alyssa loves wiener dogs.


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 1.20.32 PMJoAnn PersephoneWebsite; JoAnn is a celebrity makeup artist, professional hair stylist, and cat lover. After receiving her BA in Theater from UCLA with an emphasis in costume design, she focused her creativity towards hair and makeup for Hollywood. Her work has been featured on the Oscars’ red carpets, the Hallmark Channel, The Knot, The Pop Fix, FabFitFun, and more. She recently relocated from Los Angeles to the Emerald City of Seattle. JoAnn hates flying, but loves her hometown London.

10365822_10152129651080662_8064318070202225107_nNicolas Orillard-Demaire – Website; Nicolas is a nature and wildlife photographer based in the south of France. He won a special prize from the jury in the French contest of Montier en Der and was part of the Top 101 Pictures of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014.

10460968_10100402362245002_8005600280266779176_nGeorgios Tsiminis – Flickr; Georgios is a physicist by day, exploring the wonders of optics and photonics, and an enthusiast landscape/travel photographer by night/weekend, exploiting optics and photonics to produce both science and photographs. Born in Greece, Georgios lived in Scotland for 7 years and then packed his science, camera and two cats and moved to Adelaide, Australia. He spends his days and some nights pursuing science, photography, the science of photography and the photography of science. Now he  has three cats!

11948255_10152925434670378_856144448_nJemore Santos
Website; Jemore is a professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He worked for the legendary Panavision as a camera technician, then moved into a marketing role organizing equipment for film & television commercials and writing articles about the film industry. Having been the Director of Photography of several films, television shows, and music videos, Jemore is also an expert in motion controlled time-lapse photography.  When he’s not photographing, he is reading up on reviews or giving workshops about photography. He always speaks passionately about his love of photography or martial arts.

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