Photographing “China B”

Spanning into the mists of time, its history has predicated thousands of years of philosophies, dogmas, and customs. It’s population, a conceptually difficult to imagine 1,357,000,000, is ultra diverse in its cultures, languages, and cuisines. It’s also very large, the same size as the United States, as it borders 14 adjacent developing countries. What many envision China today, perhaps through news … Continue reading Photographing “China B”

4+1 Photography Tips for the Business Traveler

Imagine this scene. You’ve been walking through the forest/city for days, mentally preparing yourself for the moment your subject/scene will appear before you. You know your camera, you’ve studied the weather, the lighting, the time, you can even see with your mind’s eye that one image that you want to capture. Finally, the time and place is right. … Continue reading 4+1 Photography Tips for the Business Traveler

The World’s Top 10 Sunsets

I have seen some spectacular sunsets around the world but there are still many places that I would love to travel to and capture with my lens. It is always exciting going to a new place and seeing new things for the first time. I love how each place has a uniqueness to it even if … Continue reading The World’s Top 10 Sunsets

A Caucasian Model’s Experience Working in Asia

Everybody is familiar with the traditional major fashion markets, New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Models and supermodels roam their catwalks and sidewalks because the fashion houses, ad agencies and magazine publishers are headquartered there. The demand for models in those cities are real. What some don’t realize is that, on the other side of the world, … Continue reading A Caucasian Model’s Experience Working in Asia