The Best Of Las Vegas

A trip to Las Vegas, Nevada can be a little overwhelming. It a fantastic destination for many reasons. Street photography can be amazing as you meet all sort of people, but the lights everywhere and the frenetic life also make it a city of choice for this kind of photography. It could also be an original place for architectural photography. Not only Las Vegas offers a unique scenery but it is also an awesome reason for vacationing and have fun. There are tons of casinos, countless poker rooms, and more theaters and stages than you can keep track of. There are also shopping districts, award-winning restaurants, themed clubs, trendy bars, and miscellaneous entertaining attractions everywhere you look. Throw in the fact that it’s all quite literally cloaked in flashing lights, and a sensory overload is perfectly understandable.

So how are you supposed to know how to spend your time? Some would say that it’s almost best “not” to know. The best way to experience Las Vegas can be to let yourself get swept up in it. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to have a few goals in mind if you get to visit this infamous hub of entertainment. So here we’ll look at some of the best options in popular categories.

The Best Resort


This might be the most difficult category to nail down, because resorts involve so many different features. The ARIA comes up as a top option in most searches these days as one of the newer resorts, and big names like the Wynn and Cosmopolitan are also always worth checking out.

But if you’re just looking for the nicest place to stay, the Mandarin Oriental might be the place to go. The ordinary rooms look and feel like small suites, with virtually unparalleled comfort.

The Best Spa

encore-european-pool (1)

This is another tough call because most every major resort has an incredible spa attached to it. But for one that’s unique as well as relaxing, take a long look at the Spa at Encore at the Wynn. Referred to as a ritzy rejuvenation center, it’s a large, Moroccan-themed environment including everything from couples’ rooms to garden villas.

The Best Show


The best show in town is really a matter of personal opinion. Plus, there are plenty of shows that come and go, given that the city tends to attract some of the biggest names in music. But one that most everyone can appreciate is The Beatles LOVE: Legendary  Musical, a special version of Cirque du Soleil that incorporates music from the most famous band of all time. It’s an in-house show at the Mirage (which incidentally is one of the must-visit casino resorts).

The Best Slot Floor

Slots have gone digital in the last 20 years, and in some cases can be more effective online. Lots of sites have their own mini-games built in along with fun themes and special bonuses. But even the most sophisticated online slot page can’t compete with some of the extravagant, jingling slot floors in Vegas. Every major casino has one, but the best of the bunch is probably at The Venetian. The floor is elegant, rather than gaudy, and features the city’s biggest selection of different games.

The Best Poker Rooms

The same can be said of poke. A lot of the best games are online, but even they can’t match the fun of playing at the tables in a Vegas casino. The Bellagio is the place to go to play the city’s most famous game. In some ways it’s the best and most iconic of the casinos, and its poker tables are a big part of that reputation. Try sitting down and playing a few hands, whether you’re a high roller or not

The Best Restaurant


Picking one restaurant to single out in Vegas is an almost ludicrous idea, so you may want to go ahead and consult a full list of the best places to eat. But we’d mention CUT by Wolfgang Puck. There are a few celebrity restaurateurs who have establishments in the city and if you’re going to look for a unique meal you may as well enjoy one of these. It’s essentially a steakhouse, and one of the best you’ll ever eat at.

The Best Club

The clubs in Vegas can be similar in that they’re all pretty loud and busy, and they all put on shows of their own through creative use of lights and DJs. But we’d point you specifically to OMNIA, a relatively new club at Caesar’s Palace that’s a great place for a wild night out. It attracts great DJs and performers, and there’s a virtual light show going on at all times.