2-Step Instructions for Setting the OLED Display on Zeiss Batis Lenses

Setting the OLED  display on the latest Zeiss Batis lenses is literally one of the easiest but most unintuitive camera operation you’ll likely come across. The lens is a testament to clean minimalistic design, but without any buttons to press, how do you change the display settings?

Here is a quick and dirty 2-step instructions on adjusting the OLED display.

  1. Set to Manual Focus mode.
  2. Keep twisting left (clockwise).

That’s it. If you need more detailed instructions. Keep reading below.

Step 1: Set the Camera to Manual Focus Mode


  • Hit the (Fn) button on the back of your A7 series camera.
  • Toggle to “Focus Mode”


  • Select Manual Focus.

Step 2: Keep Twisting Left


  • With the camera on manual focus mode, keep twisting left.
  • It will take quite a few turns to reach the OLED settings menu.


  • This is the OLED settings menu. Once you reach it, don’t twist right or hit any buttons on the camera on the focus ring. Otherwise, you’ll exit the menu.
  • There are three options: (1) ON, (2) MF, and (3) OFF.
  • To switch between the three, keep twisting left. Yes, it is counterintuitive.


  • “ON” mode leaves the display on as long as the camera is on.
  • “MF” mode only powers the display if you are in Manual Focus (MF) or Dynamic Manual Focus (DMF) mode. In AF mode, the display is off. I suppose this saves battery but I can’t imagine the display drawing much power at all. I’d just leave it on.
  • “OFF” means off.

Instructional Video

If you’d like, there is a 2 min 31 second video from Zeiss with some euro-synth techno showing you exactly how to do it.

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