iLHP is One!

One year ago today, three friends got together to share a common passion for photography. We wanted to learn more about the art and looked for a way to share our experiences, our mistakes, and our new found knowledge. Without prior digital publishing experience, we slowly made our way through many challenges while staying true to our core principles, and that is to bring you high quality original content on the art and craft of photography.


What makes us different from every other photography website is that we are photography enthusiasts. We have full time jobs. We look forward to sunny weekends where we can go outside with our cameras. We are you.

More importantly, we have wholeheartedly welcomed reader contributions and we will continue to do so. You are as much a part of us as we are a part of you. Many of you are fantastic photographers. Non-professionals but fantastic photographers that give the pros a run for their money. Because we love your work and you believed in us by reaching out to us, we put in the work to interview you and share your photographs with the world.


Thanks to your support, we’ve created something out of nothing together. We originally had 2,856 views in the entire month of July 2014, but because we loved doing this and you kept reading, we kept at it and have increased our readership organically by 2710%! No ads, no purchased traffic. Just a lot of Facebook shares and Google searches.

But we are not done yet. iLHP will continue to evolve along with you, the discerning photography consumer. We will test more gear, we will shoot more models, and we will keep bringing you the best original photography content on the internet.

From our team to you,  thank you for your support.

The iLHP Team