Newly Signed Model Peyton Lake

For most of my photo shoots, 95-99% of my images are throwaways. 1-5 in 100 ever see the light of day. But with a small handful of models, almost every image is a keeper. I’ve thought about this and I don’t know what it is.

Modeling is deceptively difficult. It’s not just about a pretty face, a clear complexion, and a 5’10” body. They have surprisingly very little to work with. A hundredth of a second. Two dimensions.


It’s not about confidence in front of the camera, because most models have that in abundance regardless of whether it’s real or not. It’s not entirely about knowing your angles and poses, as it can only get you so far. Most models will act pretty for the lens, which is fine for catalogues, but this almost always leads to something cliched and boring.

If I had to single out a single commonality among my favorite models, it would be their ability to just be in the moment. There is an honesty to just being in the moment. Since photography is often a lie, whatever truth we can capture instantly becomes gold.

Peyton Lake is one of the few models who really captures our attention. Her look is unique and memorable. She is honest and natural in front of the lens. We are proud to feature her in this interview.

iLHP: Hi Peyton, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Could introduce yourself? 

Peyton: Hi Ed, thank you for having me. I’m a 19 year old from a small town in Alaska called Fairbanks. I’ve played hockey since I was 4 years old. I played competitively since the age of 10 up until this past year, I finished up my youth competitive hockey career in California for the Anaheim Lady Ducks.

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iLHP: Hockey? Right on, I haven’t worked with hockey playing models before. How did you get started in modeling? 

Peyton: At first I was just kind of messing around in front of the camera for friends’ photography classes or just for fun, but now I look at it as something that I want to continue doing and hope that I become successful in.

I think one of my biggest inspirations would be Cara Delevingne, not only do I constantly get told that I look like her but I also really admire her carelessness about what people think of her. She’s a huge inspiration to not only me, but also millions of other young girls trying to break into the modeling world.

My favorite part about this image was the spontaneous toe grab. It’s what makes it authentic. Image processed with the Terry Style Clean preset for Adobe Lightroom.

iLHP: Love it. I think more than simply the looks, its your vibe. You emote very naturally without going into “poses.” What kind of challenges have you faced as a new model?

Peyton: Easily my biggest challenge as a new model would be my height. I’m hardly 5’4”, which is more then a few inches shorter then what almost every agency is looking for, so I would have to say my height definitely has been the biggest challenge.

Peyton Lake rocking her AC DCs in the back of a 325i. Makeup by Jordan Takeda. Image processed with the Terry Style Clean preset for Adobe Lightroom.

iLHP: But I understand you recently signed with an agency shortly after we worked together right? 

Peyton: Yes! Originally they weren’t interested in working with me. But I kept at it and grew my portfolio through different shoots (including ones I did with iLHP) and they offered to represent me.


iLHP: Congratulations Peyton! Persistence pays off. We’ve had quite a few models who’s worked with us and gone on to sign with agencies soon after. What do you think sets you apart as a model? 

Peyton: Thank you, I’m sure your images helped. One factor that I think sets me apart as a model is that I’ve been playing various sports since the age of 4; I feel that a lot of people don’t look at models as being athletic. Also, I think that growing up in Alaska has been very kind to my skin complexion due to the little sunlight and has left my skin nearly flawless.


iLHP: We agree. We hardly have to retouch your skin at all in all of our shoots with you. We think you have incredible potential. I understand you have a YouTube channel. Please tell me a little bit about that. 

Peyton: Yes! I recently started it and have only uploaded a few videos. I really want to keep up with it and try to start uploading once a week and see if maintaining a YouTube channel could help get myself out there more and build a bigger follower base.

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iLHP: Thank you Peyton. It was our pleasure to work with you on these shoots and we wish you continued success. 

Peyton: Thank you Ed!

Peyton Lake is based out of Los Angeles and Phoenix. She can be reached at her MM page or The Young Agency.

All makeup and hair was done by the extremely talented Jordan Takeda.

If you are a between 14-19 years old and would like to do a test shoot here in Los Angeles, please reach out to us at

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