Teen Model Mikaila Storrs

Fifteen is a wonderfully difficult age, full of possibilities, transitions, and uncertainties. The world belongs to you, the young, to correct our mistakes and to live up to impossible expectations. But amidst the restlessness, your energy is undeniable. Your skin flawless. Your spirit disaffected. Your heart unbroken. A boldness radiates from deep within your eyes. They say, no, they shout, “Look at me. Here I am. Come and get me.”

Mikaila wearing a floral print top with black skinny jeans. Image processed with the Terry Style Clean preset for Adobe Lightroom.

Mikaila Storrs is a gorgeous 15 year old aspiring model based out of Southern California. iLHP had the pleasure of doing two photo shoots with her, one for our Holga Portrait series last week and another in a beautiful downtown LA studio loft. We take time in between shoots to speak with her candidly about her experiences as a young model.

Mikaila wearing a tribal print top, black cut off shorts, and a classic pair of white Chuck Taylors. Image processed with the Terry Style Yashica preset for Adobe Lightroom.

iLHP: Hi Mikaila, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Could you tell us about yourself? 

Mikaila: Hi!! Well, I’m 15 and I’m from San Diego, California. I’ve been modeling for a little under a year so far and I’m working hard to sign with an agency this summer. Something most people don’t know about me is that I have been riding horses for the over 9 years.

Makeup and Hair Stylist Jordan Takeda working on Mikaila’s Miranda Kerr inspired side-part.

iLHP: Very cool! Why did you decide to start modeling? 

Mikaila: I originally started out in acting because I’ve always had an interest in the entertainment industry. But I have come to realize that acting and modeling somewhat go hand in hand, which brought me to do more photoshoots and even a fashion show. I’ve since fallen in love with modeling.

A late afternoon in our studio loft in Downtown Los Angeles.

I definitely look up to a lot of models from watching America’s Next Top Model my whole life and some of my favorite models as of right now are Alexis Reneg and Pyper America. They’re not extremely well known or famous but I love the style of their photo shoots; kind of beach-y but also edgy and they are both extremely gorgeous.

My main goal right now is to get signed [with an agency], but in the future I hope to have this as my full time career. I’m definitely focused more on print because I’m not extremely tall but maybe if I grow a little bit more I could do runway haha.

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iLHP: Well since you are 15, you may still have a few years to grow. Who knows, you might have a sudden growth spurt. Have your parents or friends been supportive of your decision to model? 

Mikaila: My parents have been so supportive of me, especially my mom, who always has to drive me to LA [for shoots]. She does it because she wants me to follow my dreams and try to achieve as much as I can. As for my friends, they think it’s cool that I always get to go to LA for shoots and they’re really supportive too.

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iLHP: That’s great to hear. Having support around you makes all the difference. What have been some of your favorite shoots so far? 

Mikaila: I recently did one for another website and the photographer was super nice and easy to work with. My photos ended up in an Australian magazine. That was super cool! I can say I’m published in a magazine. The photo shoot with you was extremely fun especially since I had Peyton with me. I’ve never really done a shoot with another person and the whole atmosphere of the shoot was really chill and relaxed. I enjoyed it a lot.

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iLHP: That’s great! I’m glad you enjoyed working with us. What kind of challenges have you faced as a young model?

Mikaila: The whole industry is very competitive because this is so many people’s dreams. It’s also hard at 15 because many jobs want you to be 18 or older but that definitely isn’t stopping me from continuing to follow my dreams, especially since my parents support me so much in this.

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iLHP: Love your attitude. Is there anybody in particular that you would like to work with? 

Mikaila: I’d really love to work with Tyra Banks because not only is she a super successful model, she also takes pictures. So she really knows how to do both, which I feel like would be such an amazing learning experience because she would know exactly how to inform you of what to do. I would learn so much from her.

iLHP: I think you’re the second model we interviewed to say Tyra Banks. It just goes to show how much she inspires the next generation of models. I understand you have a YouTube channel. Please tell me a little bit about that.

Mikaila: Yes, I have a YouTube Channel! Please come check it out! I think I started it maybe a little less than a year ago, it was never anything super serious for me until recently. I’ve started gaining some subscribers and it’s a lot of fun.

I did a behind-the-scenes type video (see above) for the shoot  I did with you and that was the first time I’ve ever done that for a shoot. I think it turned out super cool. I guess youtube is another way for me to get myself out there and be discovered and just another way to get in front of the camera which I obviously really enjoy since I’m so interested in modeling.

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iLHP: Thank you for much for your time. We really enjoyed working with you and we wish you the best success in your modeling career! How can agencies and advertisers contact you?

Mikaila: Thank you so much! Please reach out to me via my Instagram page!

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