iLHP Welcomes Nature Photographer Nicolas Orillard To The Team

iLHP is always trying to bring you new content. We’ve decided to welcome to the team a fantastic pro landscape/wildlife photographer who travels around the world. Nicolas Orillard is a very successful pro-photographer who will share his experience as a pro-photographer and talk about his fantastic travels around the world.

“Photography is for me the possibility to switch off the rest of the world, to come to peace. The time spend hiking, waiting for the light to come, watching the nature around me is my opportunity to get better. It is somehow a therapy.”


iLHP: Hi Nicolas, we’re very pleased to have you here at iLHP. You’re a pro photographer who travels a lot, can you please tell us a bit about yourself? 

Nicolas: Hi, I am a 32 year old french Nature Photographer based in the south west region of France. The majority of my pictures are taken around the world ( Norway, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Peru….) with recently more landscapes than wildlife.


iLHP: So Nicolas, we’re thrilled to have you in the team and can’t wait read your articles about your travels and your experience as a pro photographer. Can you tell us in a few words what you will be talking about? 
Nicolas: It is a pleasure for me to share my passion , the articles will talk about techniques but also artistic approach and photography spots that I love to visit and photograph. I’m used to say during the exhibitions where I showcase my work that “if I show my work it is to share my luck, the possibility to see places and things most of us will unfortunately never have the chance to”.


iLHP: Let’s discover a little bit more about yourself through this interview before reading your articles. How long have you been into photography and what made you come to that activity?

Nicolas: I started photography 6 years ago, I have really been professionally into it since 2011. I was already travelling a lot around the world and wanted something more than just souvenirs. I decided at some point that I needed to try to make it my job and started as an assistant in a studio in Munich. Pack shots and fashion was the day to day job and gave me all the technical background I needed. Later I thought it wasn’t what I really wanted and came to Nature photography.
iLHP:  What does photography mean to you, artistically speaking?

Nicolas: Photography is for me the possibility to switch off the rest of the world, to come to peace. The time spent hiking, waiting for the light to come, watching the nature around me is my opportunity to get better. It is somehow a therapy.

I can create or show people what I have the chance to see and explore. it is my artistic way to think people can see through my eyes.


iLHP: Did you learn by yourself or through photography schools?

Nicolas: I did completely learn by myself. English photography magazines were my best and first choice as at the time I was doing a world trip.

iLHP: What’s in your camera bag? Do you use any particular accessory? Which one would you keep if you could only keep one of them?

Nicolas: I work with Canon full frame bodies 1Dx and 5d MarkIII, with a full range of canon lenses, the 17-40mm f/4being most of the time on the camera….

I use Lee GND filters and big stopper.

Which one would I keep? Well surprisingly I would choose my Canon 85mm f/1,2. I shoot portraits as well and this is a precious piece of gear.


iLHP: Have you been published? Any exhibitions? Awards?

Nicolas: Many articles in french magazines, recently the front cover of Science World in the US with one of « my » puffins.

This year I have almost 15 exhibitions around France, in small villages as well as big events.

I won a special prize from the jury in the French contest of Montier en Der and one of my Icelandic landscapes was part of the Top 101 Pictures of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014. 


 iLHP: Where can we discover your work and on which networks can we follow your updates?

Nicolas: You can follow me on Facebook on my page NOD Photography (www.facebook.com/pages/NOD-Photography/214582341947495) or 500px (https://500px.com/nodphotography).

and on my website www.nod-photography.com


 iLHP: What does inspire you the most? Any photographers?
Nicolas: I love clouds, and it is a rare thing to see one of my pictures without any…
I like the work of « traditional » photographers but I am more into the work of the new generation. I can look for hours the work of people like Xavier Jamonet, Marc Adamus, Laurent baheux, Remi Garcia, and so much more… I love to go around exhibition and give my eyes a treat. this give me inspiration.
iLHP: Are there other photography fields you want to try?

Nicolas: I would like to photograph more people, not only portraits but reportage, humanist photography.

iLHP: How do you prepare a shooting session?

Nicolas: Mostly long time before being on the field, I need to prepare the shooting session because half of the time I have never been to the place or the country in question.

Google earth is a good help, but also photograph researches on the web give me an idea of what I can expect for some places.

Being prepared is also about gear and never forget my filters, my batteries, my camera…. ( don’t laugh, I know photographers who did ! )


iLHP: What is your next project? And do you have techniques you still want to explore?

Nicolas: I am still working on my series Gaia, showing the earth’s best side. Next year I will travel to New zealand again to discover some new places. Another project is about to come, but it will need a bit of time…

This would be awesome to work with film medium format camera for the landscapes, I am really thinking about it…


iLHP: Do you have any tips for beginners or amateurs who want to start landscape/wildlife photography, besides practicing a lot? 😉

Nicolas: Being patient is for me the best quality you can have for landscapes and wildlife photography.  

iLHP: Last but not least, what do you love/hate about photography?  

Nicolas: I love this tiny moment when you shoot and you know this one will make a great picture ( well to your eyes at least 😀 )

I hate people going around fairs and events with their 500mm around the neck, to show who has the biggest…


iLHP: HA HA I cannot agree more with you! Thank you very much Nicolas for this interview and we can’t wait to read your first articles!

Nicolas: Thank you Ed, Alyssa, Scubagal and Chris for letting me share my passion here with you. I’ll make it as fun as possible!

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