iLHP’s Best Links to Help You Prepare an Outdoor Photo Shoot!

Portrait, Macro, Landscape, Cityscape, Architecture, street, Astral photography or even video/filming. We all have our specialty but we can also all use a little help to save time and help prepare our shooting sessions. This time, iLHP surfed out there to gather the best links/apps that will guide you in that quest. Of course, we recommend bookmarking this page so that you can get back to all those helpful links easily!

Catching the Best Light

These links are helpful for every photographers, from portrait to macro including landscapes or Astral photography. This will help you know exactly when to wake up at dawn or when to leave your daily job to catch the best lights and shadows, in other words, to give the best atmosphere and charisma to your photographs!

  • Blue hour

Blue Hour - iLHP-001

  • Golden hour

Golden Hour-iLHP-001

Planning the Trip

Knowing and planning the journey before jumping into your car can be useful.

  • Google earth/ Geoportail (French)

Geoportail - iLHP

Photographing the Stars

This is a real science. Unless you’re an astrophysicist I would recommend a little help from those website as photographing the milky way can be tricky. Don’t waste your night out without knowing what’s up in the sky, the best places to go around you and the quality of the “light”.

  • The photographer Ephemeris (also available on the appstore)

Photographer ephemeris - iLHP-001

  • ClearDarkSkyUntitled 

  • Stellarium

Stellarium - iLHP

  • Moon Phase CalendarUntitled2

Photographing Architecture

Those will guide you find the best places to come back home with the best building pictures into your memory card!

  • World Architecture Map

Archdaily - iLHP

  • Skyscraper City (Forum)

skyscrapercity - iLHP

Dealing with Weather Conditions

Because going out at dawn or at twilight can change the atmospheric conditions, here are some tips you might need to know to make the most out of your camera and your trip.

  • Accessories and techniques to prevent condensation

dealing with dew - iLHP

We did not include weather forecast apps, but don’t forget to check it before leaving, it goes without saying.

iLHP’s “How To’s”

Don’t forget that we also provide a lot of How To’s articles that will help you prepare, improve or inspire you for your photo shoots. So take a tour in our website. Here are a bunch of examples:

And a lot more are awaiting for you! :-)

Don’t hesitate to share your best links in the comments below so that everybody can know! Thank you!