Charloux : The Motocross Photographer

As a former motocross rider, I could only share a bit of my passion here through photography. Instead of showing you some of my own portfolio pictures, I thought I’d introduce you to one of the best professional photographers in this field. And one of the reasons I chose him was because he works for several big motocross magazines and pro-teams to cover the US outdoor championship and the world championship too.


Charloux mostly uses a Canon 5D MarkIII but he also owns a 1D and a 7D.


But what’s very interesting with Charloux is that he’s also a sales representative for Hasselblad in France. That means that Hasselblad lends him some equipement like the H5D60 which is very rare. Indeed, due to the price and of course because it’s a medium format, it’s not common to see that type of gear in the paddocks of these championships!

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He gets awesome shots thanks to his technique! He’s 27 and learned it all by himself:

“I always look for improving my skills and shoot differently from others photographers. We see too many images on the web , and my goal is to have a different style from others photographers.”

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He shoots for riders, teams and the media, always needing to be in the right position at the right time to secure that perfect shot. In addition to this natural talent,  like any other sports photographers, he uses a high-speed memory card to save and display his photos. Speed is a key element in every way.

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His goal is to give motocross mainstream exposure and to highlight the tough, risky and spectacular nature of the sport.

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No wonder he understands the nature of this sport, he’s a rider himself at an amateur level. Being oneself an actor of the sport is essential to be able to catch the best skids, the best jumps and tricks. That helps him understand and plan his shots. Thanks to this personal experience he can choose better spots, better perspective for the best rendition of this very spectacular, and dangerous, sport.

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He took this nice motocross shot at a circuit not far from Rouen. Not only has he given us this magnificent photo of motocross rider Vincent Dieul but, in addition, he explains:

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“I used a 60 mega pixel Hasselblad H5D60 body with a 100mm lens. Lighting is provided by the latest broncolor Move kit which, with a battery life capable of 230 flashes and 1200 watt seconds at full power, allows me to take studio-quality photos in the outdoors.”

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The technique:

“The flashes are controlled by the radio transmitter in the light kit. The central shutter of the Hasselblad body has a speed of up to 1/800. The flash positioned on the inside of the bend highlights Vincent, and the high-speed synchronization means the movement is frozen, as is the sand from the circuit. The RAW file from the camera is no less than 88mb. Sufficient to say, you can print a 4 x 3 poster keeping the original quality”. A lovely present for the rider, no doubt.

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Please make sure to discover his gallery on his website:


Motocross and photographer fellas: enjoy!


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