The Winners of our 2015 Pet Photo Contest

The results are in for our inaugural Pet Photo Contest. We had dozens of entries this year from animal lovers worldwide. Thank you everyone for submitting your photos and voting for the images. You can check out all of the entires on our Facebook page.

We are handing out two awards. The People’s Choice Award is awarded to the photo with the most votes on Facebook. The Editors’ Choice Award is awarded to one photo of our choosing.

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The 6 Ultimate Street Fashion Photographers and Bloggers

Anytime I can combine both fashion and photography together I instantaneously become ecstatic. Fashion has been an immense passion of mine for as long as I can recall. Working in the fashion industry was what I was been doing most of my professional career before photography became an extensive part of my everyday life. I have always admired fashion photography from my early teenage years and shared some of my favorite fashion photographers in a previous blog post, My 7 All-Time Favorite Fashion & Celebrity Photographers. If I could, I would eat, sleep, and breathe fashion and combine it with my more recent admiration for photography to form the quintessential amalgamation of my two loves. Having worked in the fashion industry for most of my adulthood, I have always been captivated by street fashion photographers showcasing some of the most stylish people from across the globe. In my last weeks post, What I Learned Being Stuck At Home: Self Portraits – Part 1, I actually attempted to combine my love for both fashion and photography in a self-portrait/dress-up photoshoot for the first time.

le 21eme
Image courtesy of Le 21eme |

Here is a list of some of my favorite street fashion photographer bloggers that have inspired me in umpteen ways to help bridge the gap between my two loves:

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3 Detailed Reasons Why it is Still Too Early to Switch to a Full Frame Mirrorless System

It’s  been more than a year since the debut of the world’s first full frame mirrorless system and just this past month we’ve already seen the second generation Sony A7 Mark II hit the shelves (and our first impressions are here).  We are pretty much past the honeymoon phase along Roger’s Law of New Product Introductions (new products being mirrorless full frame systems). Early adopters have adopted. Initial nonbelievers are recanting. Now comes the point where the mainstream consumers are thinking whether or not they should ditch the DSLR and switch over to the mirrorless.

It isn’t an easy decision. Investing in a system is expensive and learning to use it takes time. My colleague Christian gave us 10 Reasons to Switch from a DSLR to a Mirrorless System. I present you with 3 key counterpoints as to why the mainstream should wait. This article will focus on full frame systems rather than APS-C. It is geared towards prosumers seriously invested in their gear and professionals who make their living with their cameras.

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What I Learned Being Stuck at Home: Self Portraits – Part 1

Before the cold winter months began to take effect, I promised myself I would not let my photography suffer. I had a mental checklist of all the things I wanted to photograph that I missed out on our last glacial Toronto winter. My camera bag has been packed and ready to go by the door since the extreme cold set in. Every time I make plans, I opt against it as soon as I take one step outside. I miss photographing! During the summer months I was out practically everyday with camera in hand. Now for the past several months my camera sits untouched collecting dust.

I have gone on a total of two shoots with portrait photographers in the recent past chilly months. I was anticipating learning the basics but usually leave frustrated and with an empty memory card. After my cohorts have finished setting up the lighting and adjusting their camera settings I  am already overwhelmed and end up throwing in the towel before the shoot has even begun.

Testing the window lighting | Taken with Canon 70D | 1/180 at f/4.5, ISO 2500 |


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Charloux : The Motocross Photographer

As a former motocross rider, I could only share a bit of my passion here through photography. Instead of showing you some of my own portfolio pictures, I thought I’d introduce you to one of the best professional photographers in this field. And one of the reasons I chose him was because he works for several big motocross magazines and pro-teams to cover the US outdoor championship and the world championship too.


Charloux mostly uses a Canon 5D MarkIII but he also owns a 1D and a 7D.


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