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The Best Dog Photographers who Support a Cause: Help Us Give Back

I have been a proud dog owner my entire life. There has probably not been more than a month in between the passing of a beloved dog before another four-legged friend was welcomed into my home.

Currently I have two dachshunds:  Thumper and Truffles.  Thumper has undergone two back surgeries due to several slipped discs that left him paralyzed in the hind legs since the early age of five (he is currently 13).  Thumper was recently diagnosed with cancer for the second time in two years and had his ear canal removed on Christmas Eve. He is undergoing chemotherapy at the present time.

dachshund wheelchair
Thumper in his Santa Suit | Christmas 2013 | Taken by Alyssa Black |

Truffles joined our family 11 years ago while I was residing in Florida. Truffles and I were acquainted while Thumper and I were at the vet’s for a routine visit when another dachshund owner and I began talking. The lovely lady had a new chocolate dachshund puppy and was telling me that her friend had one more puppy that she was not able to care for because she had a baby on the way. I quickly took the doxie owner’s phone number and contacted her immediately after the visit. My friend and I rushed over to meet Truffles. I instantly fell in love with her and took her home right away. The owner at the time only asked for the $150 vet expenses she had incurred. My best friend Ally graciously offered to cover the cost as a gift to me.  Truffles is by far one of the best gifts I have ever received to date.

Truffles sunning herself in the foreground with Thumper in the background | Taken by Alyssa Black

I thought a good way to give back to these loving animals in need was to donate $1 for every share + like of this post on Facebook to a local animal shelter till January 31, 2015.  I hope by spreading the word I will be able to help raise awareness for our furry friends in need and give them a voice that so many of them desperately need.

1) Carli Davidson

Carli has a long extensive history working with various types of animals.  Carli has worked with the Oregon Zoo as well as many other animal organizations for the past 16 years. Cali often donates a portion of her proceeds to various pet rescues and organizations. Carli also has several books including Shake and Shake Puppies.

two legged poodle
Taken by Carli Davidson | Shake |

I’ve found I really love working with animals people might consider problematic or damaged. I donate my time to animal rescues; one in particular works primarily with traumatized and physically disabled pets in rehabilitation. A lot of these animals are rescues—animals people at one point deemed too hard to care for or too sickly but have since found new homes with people who can appreciate their outrageous beauty.

Carli Davidson shake
Taken by Carli Davidson | Shake |

2) Seth Casteel

Seth began his career several years ago volunteering photographing homeless animals in hopes of placing them in a loving home.  When Seth first posted his images of Underwater Dogs online, traffic on his website instantly increased from 200 to 100,000 per day. Seth works with various pet organizations helping to find new homes for these adorable four-legged creatures. In addition to Seth’s book he also has an Underwater Dogs Calendar as well as a children’s book titled, Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition.

Underwater Dogs
Taken by Seth Casteel |

I worked with hundreds of adoptable puppies from animal rescue groups all over the United States. The goal was to feature some Amazing Rescue Puppy Ambassadors to remind people that adoption is a wonderful option!

Seth Casteel
Taken by Seth Casteel |


3) Theron Humphrey

Theron and his number one companion Maddie the Coonhound spend much of their time traveling around the USA helping rescue dogs find a new home.  Recently they set out to travel all the 50 States in the USA to pair a rescue dog with a new and loving owner.  Theron and Maddie also have a book together titled, Maddie On Things. Theron works with Purina One in helping to give back to the animal community.

maddie eyes
Taken by Theron Humphrey |

It might surprise you to learn that roughly three out of four people acquiring a new pet aren’t considering adoption from a shelter. That’s because people too often associate shelter pets with poor health or problem behaviors, thanks in part to media stories and images that fuel these misperceptions. The truth is that shelter pets can be loving, devoted, delightful companions, just like any other kind of pet.

maddie the choonhound ghost
Taken by Theron Humphrey |

 4) Alex Cearns

Alex is the official photographer for the RSPCA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Australia.  Alex’s work has been featured in many exhibits worldwide.  One of her most successful efforts in giving back was an exhibit in Bali showcasing various animals around the country thus helping to raise awareness and by donating a portion of her proceeds to the Bali Animal Welfare Association.

Houndstooth Studio
Taken by Alex Cearns |

We live and breathe animal photography and photograph over 1300 of them per year. From the tiniest to the largest domestic pets and wildlife, we have photographed almost every kind of feathered, furred, fanged, scaled, hoofed and clawed creature.

Alex Cearns
Taken by Alex Cearns | 

5) Pete Thorne

Pete is best know for his project titled Old Faithful:  The Soulful Beauty of Elderly Dogs.  Many of his works have received recognition worldwide. Thorne began capturing elderly dogs after visiting his grandmother for her 100th birthday and realizing that these seniors are often looked over while cute puppies often gain the spotlight.  Thorne donates a portion of his proceeds to various foundations. Thorne currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

one eyed dog
Taken by Pete Thorne | Old Faithful Project |

It wasn’t until I started hearing about dogs that I had photographed passing away and having their owners notify me, telling me about their loss, that I realized just how significant and close people become with their pets.

eyeless dog
Taken by Pete Thorne | Old Faithful Project |

I recently touched base with Pete upon learning that he was also located in Toronto. I wanted to organize a session with him and my doxies as well as have the chance to interview him.

chinese crested dog
Taken by Pete Thorne | Old Faithful Project |

6) Kaylee Greer

Kaylee has a background in arts from Tampa, Florida and currently resides in Boston with her 80lb furry best friend. It did not take Kaylee long to realize her passion for photographing animals especially dogs.  Greer has worked with various organizations such as MSPCA where her photo was used on a tee shirt where 100% of the proceeds went towards spaying and neutering PitBulls living in low income family homes.

kaylee I-1
Taken by Kaylee Greer| Dog Breathe Photography |
kaylee II-1
Taken by Kaylee Greer | Dog Breathe Photography |

I want to capture those goofy smiles, furry facial expressions, and happy tail-wags that make your world a better place.

kaylee III-1
Taken by Kaylee Greer | Dog Breathe Photography |

7) Scruffy Doggy Photography

Illona Haus is the woman behind Scruffy Doggy Photography.  Haus shoots and designs the calendar for the Kitchener-Waterloo yearly.  Scruffy also gives back by donating to various local rescues.  As well as taking images of foster dogs in need of finding a loving home.  Scruffy Doggy donates photo sessions to bidders who are also lending their support to the animals in need in their community.

scruffy 1-1
Taken by Scruffy Doggy Photography |
scruffy 3-1
Taken by Scruffy Doggy Photography |

Annually, scruffy dog has worked on special projects with various rescue organizations, helping to raise thousands of dollars over the years for rescue and shelter animals, as well as raising awareness of rescues and puppymills.

scruffy 5-1
Taken by Scruffy Doggy Photography |
chocolate dachshund
Taken by Scruffy Doggy Photography |

I know that the cost of veterinary bills for routine checkups and yearly shots can quickly add up.  As our pets get older, many incur health issues that can be extremely costly that their pet owners will not be able to afford and quite often are left sickly, abandoned or taken to the humane society.  I would like to help raise awareness through iLHP and give these helpless animals a voice and a chance to live happy and healthy lives.

I hope that with awareness and a kind heart all you animal lovers will make a small donation to those animals in need of a new home or for veterinary expenses.

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Please remember for every share + like of this post on Facebook until January 31, 2015 I will donate $1 to a local animal shelter. 

SPCA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  *check your local area for locations

Humane Society of Canada | 1.800.641.5463 |

Humane Society USA |

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*Featured image taken by Kaylee of Dog Breathe Photography.