My 7 All-Time Favorite Fashion & Celebrity Photographers

Most of my professional career has been spent working in the fashion industry. Fashion Design is what I went to school for and what I have always had an immense passion for. I remember buying fashion magazines such as: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, etc. when I entered middle school. I would tear out all the images that caught my eye and would cover my whole bedroom wall until it resembled high-fashion wallpaper.

Many of the images I would stare at day in and day out were taken by some of the photographers who inspired me to pursue a career in fashion.

Here are some of my all time favorites in no particular order:

Herb Ritts

Herb Ritts, born in August 13, 1952, passed away in December 26, 2002 at the young age of 50.  With no formal training in photography, Ritts and Richard Gere, an aspiring actor at the time, shot some images together. That image later gained some attention and helped jumped start both their professional careers.

Taken by Herb Ritts | Featuring supermodel's Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Naomi in Hollywood, California for Rolling Stone Magazine |
Taken by Herb Ritts | Featuring supermodel’s Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, and Naomi in Hollywood, California for Rolling Stone Magazine |

By 1981, Ritts gained instant stardom when he shot Brooke Shields for the cover of Vogue and the same year photographed Olivia Newton John for her Physical album cover. He continued to have the opportunity to work with celebrities such as: Elton John, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Taylor, Dalai Lama and many, many more.

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5 Free University Courses on Photography

There is a lot of fluff on the internet, especially when it comes to photography techniques, style, and artistry. It is one of the main reasons why we decided to start iLHP, because there really wasn’t anything out there in-depth enough for us to find interesting. However, there is always a fine line between being informative and being entertaining. Our primary goal is still to entertain.

From time to time, we would like to point you to more detailed and technical articles on photography. In no particular order, here are 5 free online photography courses you can take from home.

5. University of New South Wales (Australia)

This one is a hidden gem of a resource for all aspects related to lighting. While mainly from a videography/cinematography perspective, much of the lighting principles, such as the 3-point lighting discussed in the video above, translates very well into photography.

2015-01-28 03.12.19 am

Their UNSW TV channel has a wide array of short video tutorials specific to lighting. Note however, a lot of their colloquial terms for lights are probably specific to Australia rather than used commonly world wide (e.g. dedolight). Overall, the videos are short, concise, and well paced.

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Introducing Our Limited Edition Debut Apparel

In partnership with, we are very proud to debut our Limited Edition iLHP apparel. It features our signature logo in white on the front, and on the back is Annie Leibovitz’s quote which inspired us to form iLHP just six months ago.

teespring ilhp debut front

The shirts comes in both Men’s and Women’s as well as short or long sleeves. While we are photographers and not clothing retailers by any means, we have done extensive research to bring you the very best quality in materials. The t-shirts come in 100% ultra-soft ringspun cotton that will ensure you stay comfortable through a long day of shooting. There is even an option for the American Apparel version of combed & ringspun cotton (those fit a little snugger, so be sure to buy a larger size).

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On the back features Annie Leibovitz’s famous quote about photography, a philosophy that very much inspires and defines what iLHP is all about. This is a Limited Edition production run and once it’s over, it will no longer be offered. And we really mean that.

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Macro Photography Tutorial by French Photographer Cyril Verron

You’ve dreamed about it? Here it is! As I promised you while sharing Cyril Verron’s interview, you can find here the tutorial of one of Cyril’s most outstanding pictures. I want to thank Cyril for revealing some of his secrets and of course for the time he took to share his knowledge with us. So without any further due, let’s start now!

First, let’s see its EXIF data obtained with his Canon 5D II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens and then I let Cyril explain everything  (Editor’s note: Translated from French, descendez tout en bas pour voir la version Francaise):

Focale lenght : 100mm
ISO : 100
Aperture : f/3.5
Speed : 1/320 sec

In the Field

Draw The light Cyril Verron Tutoriel Interview2
This is how the picture came out of the camera without any editing.

They’re quite common data so let’s get an in-depth analysis with Cyril himself:

“Draw the light” is a photograph that I took in April 2012. At this time, I was especially working and training on my compositions without my own personalized settings that I use henceforth, like the white balance or the color saturation. Continue reading Macro Photography Tutorial by French Photographer Cyril Verron

Pet Photography Contest (Ends February 28th)

It’s time for our first photo contest of 2015! This time around, the theme is “Pets,” which includes dogs, cats, fishes, turtles, lizards, snakes, tarantulas, and whatever a reasonable person would consider to be a pet. Wild animals doesn’t count. So no lions or tigers, unless they happen to be your roommate.

The contest rules are simple:

  1. Like our Facebook Page
  2. Post your best pet photo on our FB wall*
  3. Tell your friends and family to vote!

Voting ends on February 28th at 12:01AM UTC-5 (EST). 2 winners will be announced at noon on February 28th, 2015, a People’s Choice Award and an Editor’s Choice Award.

The People’s Choice Award will be awarded to the photo with the most “Likes.” The Editor’s Choice Award will be awarded to one photo of our choosing.

We will post the winners here. Each winner will win a full feature on iLHP to showcase and promote his or her photography.**

Good luck!

*Photos must be your original work.

**Each contest award has no equivalent monetary value.