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2014 Year in Review

Time sure flies when you’re having a good time. Since 2015 is quickly upon us, all of us at iLHP want to have a brief look back at how far we have come this year. We launched our new format on July 7, 2014. We had a simple mission statement, to consistently bring high quality original content. We wanted to do something different, and that is to not only focus on gear but also focus on the art & craft of photography. You guys responded overwhelmingly.

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Our unique readership has averaged 200% per month growth since July. Almost all of that has been organic, from search engines, reposts, and word of mouth. Thank you for your support. Rest assured, we won’t be resting on our laurels. We have brand new features planned for 2015, from a greater focus on travel, street, and wildlife photography to more exclusive How-To’s and photography contests.

In the meantime, each of us would like to share our favorite iLHP moments of 2014 as well as what we look forward to in 2015.

Edward T. 

Favorite iLHP Moment of 2014: I have to say it would be researching, shooting, and writing for the Terry Richardson series.

Behind the scenes video of his Harper Bazaar shoot with Candice Swanepoel
Behind the scenes video of his Harper Bazaar shoot with Candice Swanepoel

I’ve always wanted to learn more about Terry’s snapshot style of photography. The problem was, at the time, there was basically nothing on the internet about his technique or gear. Using what I could find combined with a bit of experimentation, I practiced his technique through a dozen or so shoots. It was a fun learning process. I really wrote this article for myself but I hoped others would also find it useful. I’m really happy at how popular that series has been. 

Most Desired Gear of 2015: Probably the upcoming Zeiss FE 35mm f1.4

Image from http://sonyalphanex.blogspot.com/2014/10/sony-e-mount-lens-roadmap-photokina-2014-update.html

Hopefully 2015 will be the year where Sony really expands their native FE lens lineup. With four scheduled lenses and possibly a fifth, I’m really looking forward to having a large aperture 35mm wide-normal lens. According to their lens roadmap, a brand new Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f/1.4 is scheduled for March 2015 shipment. A slightly wide 35mm lens is fantastic for both street and fashion photography. For street photography, 35mm has been the standard since the Leica days. For fashion photography, 35mm perfectly balances the model with her surrounding when 50mm can be sometimes too tight. At f/1.4, it should work well in low light and offer just enough of depth-of-field separation. Let’s hope the corners are sharp on this one.

Christian M. 

Favorite iLHP Moment of 2014: It has been a great year for the iLHP team and I must say that it’s pretty difficult to choose only one thing as we experienced so many new techniques and met so many professional photographers throughout the year. I would say something that combines both. Shooting with Thomas Delahaye was a new experience, improved my technique and creativity and above all I met a very nice guy and finally brought to you this interview

I could also have chosen the macro-at-home articles (Droplets / Zen) which is always very fun to do and finally the Levitation photography was an awesome and very funny technique to explore. I hope you enjoyed reading these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Most Desired Gear of 2015:  First I want to say that I want to upgrade to the Sony A7II along with the upcoming Sony FE macro 90mm f/2.8 G but it might be too short for what I want to explore for 2015 so I would actually go for a solid and sure value that is the Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro with image stabilization.

Sigma_150mm_f2.8Its focal range makes it quite versatile between macro and wildlife photography. It allows you not to be too close for tiny creatures which is also good for home macros for lighting matters and in the meantime it’s a first approach to wildlife photography, even if it can be a bit short, in this case I would just switch back to an APS-C size sensor making it a 225mm lens. It’s f/2.8 aperture is wide enough for this focal range. Last but not least, Sigma lenses are razor sharp (especially for their range of prices) with fantastic creamy bokeh!

Alyssa B.

Favorite iLHP Moment of 2014: It’s really difficult to choose just one favorite moment when I have been fortunate to have experienced many great memories.  


Looking back, I would have to say that my favorite moment was writing my Photographing Paris article.  Paris was the place where my photography really began to evolve and allowed me to gain the experience I currently have as a photographer.  Writing about my experiences in Paris allowed me to reminisce on my time living there and how photography gave me the opportunity to see the world with a whole lot more appreciation.  Paris was where I first started sharing my images with others on social sites like Instagram.  Other talented photographers on Instagram inspired me to learn new techniques and better myself.  I am thankful that my experience writing for iLHP has given me the chance to meet other great photographers and individuals. As well as helped push me to want to continue to grow as a photographer and continue to learn.

Most Desired Place I Would Love to Travel in 2015: I have been obsessed with capturing the aurora borealis for a few years now.  Last winter I even started researching the locations where sightings of the magical dancing lights were most prevalent.  In the short list of places where the aurora can be seen, I figured if I could make it happen, I would one day travel to either Fairbanks, Alaska or Reykjavik, Iceland.  

Image captured by Moyan Brenn | https://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/ |

I was so caught up in going last winter I began looking for flights and accommodations to Alaska last minute.  However, I quickly realized that traveling somewhere with extreme weather conditions would need a little more planning and preparation before packing my bag and boarding a flight.

As badly as I wanted to capture the aurora last year, I am glad I held off.  Now that I have looked into it more, my preference would be to travel to Iceland because there many other spectacular natural wonders to capture.  Hopefully in the new year I will find the time and the opportunity to finally capture this spectacular phenomena.