5 Pet Peeves When Working with Models

We had some great feedback from models about our last article, 5 Tips for Working with Professional Models and we thought we’d do more of the same. Our goal with the Model Q&As and Photographer Q&As has been to improve communication and understanding between these two groups of artists in order to create better images. I’ve listed my five personal pet peeves when working with models during photo shoots and provided advice to models on how to avoid those pitfalls. They’re really common sense tips that sometimes needs to be reiterated.

5. Deleting My Photos, Straight From My Camera


Different photographers will have differing opinions about this, but it seems perfectly fair and good manners to show your model the photos during a shoot. Not every few minutes of course, and always with a disclaimer that the images will look very different after post-processing (I underexpose a lot of my shots in camera). But if you delete my photos from my camera while I have my back turned, that’s just not cool.

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