How to Shoot Zombies

If there is a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, what would you do? Head to the nearest Costco and barricade yourself? Load up at the Guns & Ammo store? Sail to the nearest deserted island?

What if you did none of those things by becoming a badass zombie photographer, live to tell about it, and have the photos to show for it? At iLHP, we don’t think you should let a little thing like zombie stop you from enjoying your camera.

Speed + Portability = Survivability 

Medyan Dairieh as a badass wartime photojournalist. Photo from

Shooting zombies is all about shooting on the go. Your subjects are moving, sometimes fast moving depending on how they became zombies or whether they have become militarized. You are trying to capture the Henri Cartier Bresson “moment” while trying to stay one step ahead of a nasty ankle biter. Speed and portability means survivability. This is action photography.

This means, ditch your Manfrotto tripod and your 60″ Photek Softlighter. Lose your roller case and your heavy backpack. I would suggest this 26 pocketed vest with a laptop pocket, packed with fully charged batteries and empty memory cards. You never know when you’ll have a moment to charge those batteries or clear out those mem cards, so better bring extras. Plus, you’ll need a laptop to post process those keepers. I would also bring a sturdy monopod with a spiked foot, for stabilizing shots and for stabbing zombies.

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