Fashion Shoot Jams – Scandanavian Indie Rock

City dwellers harken to the “good old days” of living in small towns where everybody knew each other by name, kept their doors unlocked at night, and going over to your neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of sugar was not a sexual innuendo. What is often not talked about is the stifling oppression that comes with having everybody knowing everybody else. The gossiping, the reputations to uphold, the closeted pansexuals. No wonder the ratio of horror movies set in small towns versus big cities is outrageously skewed to the former. Anonymity is liberating.

Music is also liberating. People enjoy peace and quiet but not deathly silence. In nature, there are always critters chirping, birds tweeting, and noises in the background. If you’ve ever gone camping and got up to relieve yourself, a completely silent forrest is quite a freaky thing. Same thing goes for photo shoots. A model you just met and a photographer struggling with the gear makes for superficial conversation, stiff poses, and a bad shoot. Music can change all that and iLHP is here to help against awkward silences during photo shoots with music recommendations.

Last time, we showed you something different, a mashup of hip hop balanced against mellow Japanese electro jazz. In this FSJ, we’ll be showing you Scandinavian chic.

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