Landscape Photographer Giannis Gogos

Photography is about perspectives. How you create your images depend on how you see the world, through your experiences, your culture, and your understanding. The wonderful thing about the art is that it lets you share those perspectives directly through your images. But this can be difficult in this internet day and age.

As counterintuitive as it can be, we consume photographs more than ever before. The market is saturated with diverse perspectives and it’s hard to stand out among the crowd. iLHP seeks to promote new burgeoning talent and bring their works in front of the world. We are constantly approached by photographers to publish their photos and recently, we chose Giannis Gogos’ ethereal landscapes from among the crowd.


iLHP: Hi Giannis, please tell us about yourself. 

Giannis: Hi there, I’m a self-taught photographer based in Alexandroupolis, Evros. My hometown is situated at the northeastern part of Greece. More specifically in Thrace, a region with rich history and culture. I discovered my passion for photography in 2008. I mainly focus on landscapes and nature themes.

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