How to Shoot Levitation Photography – (Part 1: An Intro)


We are always looking for new things, new photography projects. Not only professionnals but also every single amateur photographer are always on this hunt. Getting out of one’s comfort zone, that is also what it is about.

It’s fun to experiment new techniques and exciting to get original results, the kind of results people are puzzled and amazed by and make them wonder how you did it.  Something extraordinary. “Levitation” is this kind of project. I had presented a few weeks ago a photographer who is a specialist of this technique, Ravshaniya from Uzbekistan. So, of course, I’m not a levitation specialist, I do not have a great experience in this field but I wanted to experiment this technique because I find it very original and science-fi like. I also wanted to learn how to do it in order to share with you this very particular technique, the tips and tricks and the challenges I have been confronted with. Continue reading How to Shoot Levitation Photography – (Part 1: An Intro)