Amazing Locations: Antelope Canyon

Somewhere along the border between Arizona and Utah, next to a coal-burning power station that spews thick brown smog into the clear desert, is this small dirt covered parking lot. As you pull up, a Navajo tribesman welcomes you to the Lower Antelope Canyon, where he tells you that it is the more popular of the two. A $10 ticket later, you park on bumpy and rocky gravel, probably next to an oversized RV, and head towards this single door shack at the end of the parked cars. There, you’ll wait in line, under the dessert sun, with the other tourists speaking far away languages.

The mighty light beams reveal themselves depending on the time of day and the season.

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Publishing, Exhibiting, and Selling Your Photos

Everyone is a photographer nowadays. Photography used to have a much higher barrier to entry. Cost of film, lack of post-processing options, and the inability to review the shot instantly after it’s taken means photographers really needed to know what they were doing to get that perfect shot. With digital comes a wave of mediocre photographers and diluting what it means to be a “professional.” So how do you stand out among the many photographers and the many photographs on Flickr and 500px and more? Well, iLHP has tested several solutions for original use of your photographs.

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Model Q&A with Lizzy S., a Designer and a Businesswomen

In an abandoned quarry thirty minutes south of Boston, I had the opportunity to talk and shoot with Lizzy S., a model, a designer, and a businesswomen. Within the buttoned up North East lives this free spirit originally from Oregon who just started her own brand called Nug Lyf (a play on Tupac’s “thug life”)

The shoot was in the Terry Style and if you notice in Part 3 of our “How to Shoot like Terry Richardson” series, she made a brief appearance in the middle of that article. Sadly, this was also my last shoot in Boston before I relocated to Los Angeles. But this particular location was so full of colorful graffiti and drawings, that it was a gem of a location to cap off my life on the East Coast. Rock climbers seemed to love this place too!

At an abandoned quarry, overlooking Boston in the distance.
At an abandoned quarry, overlooking Boston in the distance.

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Creative Differences in Post Processing – You Be the Judge!

As my circle of photography friends know, I am always looking for new ideas and suggestions for blog posts.  My friend Kally, who I shoot with quite regularly, thought it would be an interesting assignment to exchange untouched images between the four of us.

I thought the best way to approach this group assignment was for each person to submit an unedited image.   Preferably an image none of us had seen before.  We were not to discuss our choices before submission.  Surprisingly we all struggled to find an image.  Most of our best images have been seen and shared prior to this assignment.

Image #1 – Original untouched | 

Taken by Kally Minakakis |
Unedited image | 1/2000 sec at f / 4.5, ISO 500 |

Edited by Kally Minakakis |
Image i |
Edited by Teresa Lindstead |
Image ii |
Edited by Marni Belavin |
Image iii |
Edited by Alyssa Black |
Image iv |

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How to Shoot Levitation Photography – (Part 1: An Intro)


We are always looking for new things, new photography projects. Not only professionnals but also every single amateur photographer are always on this hunt. Getting out of one’s comfort zone, that is also what it is about.

It’s fun to experiment new techniques and exciting to get original results, the kind of results people are puzzled and amazed by and make them wonder how you did it.  Something extraordinary. “Levitation” is this kind of project. I had presented a few weeks ago a photographer who is a specialist of this technique, Ravshaniya from Uzbekistan. So, of course, I’m not a levitation specialist, I do not have a great experience in this field but I wanted to experiment this technique because I find it very original and science-fi like. I also wanted to learn how to do it in order to share with you this very particular technique, the tips and tricks and the challenges I have been confronted with. Continue reading How to Shoot Levitation Photography – (Part 1: An Intro)