Fashion Shoot Jams – Japanese Nujabes & Hip Hop Mashups

I have a good friend that used to teach English in Japan. When he asked his class to practice English conversation, things were awkward at first. Then he put on some music. The timidness went away, smiles and hand gestures starting flying, and it quickly turned into a party.

Shooting with a model is similar. Silent photo shoots are like getting your passport photos taken. The model doesn’t really have any vibe to emote off of, and it makes for conversation between photog and model very awkward.

In this new series, I’ll highlight some music I use during my fashion shoots. They’re mostly off the beaten path. But at iLHP, we’re always here to give you something different.

#1) FreshGalaxy – “Sky’s the Limit” Notorious B.I.G./Nujabes Mashup [Explicit]

FreshGalaxy is the best artist you’ve never heard of. His mashups are so good, they make the original songs sound bad. It’s kinda like when a cover is so much better than the original that it takes on a life of its own. He’s not professional, but he does have an album on iTunes. But his best stuff are free for download through his YouTube links.

Mood: Intimate, urban, and beat heavy against a beautifully repeating lyrical background. This song reminds me of a 3am drive down Avenue of the Americas with my wife’s hair flowing in the breeze from the open sunroof.

#2) Nujabes – Luv (sic) pt. 2, feat. Shing02

Nujabes is acclaimed for genre bending by texturing hiphop with mellow jazz in the background. If you’ve never been to Tokyo, listen to his music and it’ll take you there. May he rest in peace.

Mood: Sensual and a bit coy, the staccato-ed rapping and drums are contrasted against the legato saxophones and synth. If I close my eyes, I can see the Shibuya Crossing. After you watch the viral video though, you may come to your own conclusions.

#3) FreshGalaxy – “A Milli” Lil Wayne/Mariah Carey Mashup [Really Explicit]

Click the photo for link to the song.

Mood: High energy, upbeat, and silly like a crabapple. Another awesome FreshGalaxy mashup, the best-of-the-90’s Mariah Carey R&B wails backing up the scratchy voiced Lil’ Wayne makes this song sound ultra American in the sense that it can’t come from any other country but here.

You can download FreshGalaxy’s albums at his YouTube page here. Nujabes can be found on iTunes.