San Francisco Balmy Alley Graffiti Photo Shoot 02

The Runner and Runway Model Camille Hansen

When it comes to fashion and portrait photography, my personal belief is that 75% of the final image comes from the model, 20% from the concept/lighting/makeup, and 5% is actually from the photographer. You really can get three quarters of the job done with the perfect model. Our job as photographers is not to screw up that last 5%, and also to choose the right model.

Camille Hansen is a very special model. Even though this was only her 2nd or 3rd shoot, this 19 year old California girl is a complete natural. She is kind hearted, free, and unafraid to try new concepts (nothing is worse than an uptight and conservative model). She reaffirms my reason for preferring new & less experienced models. They go in with an open mind, they are malleable, and they react to the camera instinctively. Everything becomes more honest and genuine in a visual industry built on smoke, magic, and Photoshop.

I also had to pleasure of interviewing Camille after our shoot. Keep in mind that this set of photos had absolutely minimal editing in terms of correcting for skin imperfections. Her skin is close to flawless. Camille also applied her own make up. A vast amount of time was spent in Lightroom getting the colors, saturation, and hue to look right. I’d say I spent about 15-20 hours just getting the colors I wanted.

San Francisco Balmy Alley Graffiti Photo Shoot 09

iLHP: Hi Camille, tell us a bit about yourself. 

Camille: Hi everyone! I’m from the Oakland Hills, but went to school in Hayward all my life. I am currently attending Cal State East Bay while running for their Cross Country & Track team. I’ve been running since I was a sophomore in high school so I’ll be coming up on my 5th year running competitively. It keeps me strong, and also helps me stay in shape for modeling! Pretty much a win-win situation.

San Francisco Balmy Alley Graffiti Photo Shoot 01

iLHP: You have an incredibly commercial look. You can be sultry and sexy one minute then playful and boyish the next. Photographers and agencies must love you. How long have you been modeling?

Camille: I honestly haven’t been modeling very long. A good friend of mine referred me to a casting call for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Charity Fashion Show in San Francisco hosted by the ICU Networking Company. This was back in May. I’ve been trying to build my portfolio ever since. I really couldn’t have asked for a better first fashion show. I wore one of Mimi Tran’s beautiful dresses and LOVED the dress I wore. That show really gave me a taste of runway modeling and made me realize how much I loved it. So it really made me want to just start working and go after what I want.

San Francisco Balmy Alley Graffiti Photo Shoot 07

iLHP: You were so professional and natural in front of the camera for somebody who’s only modeled for 3 months. That’s incredible. How did your other shoots and shows go?

Camille: Thank you!! And they’ve been pretty fun! I really enjoyed my first fashion show, as I said and photo shoots have been going great! Especially this one! The setting was awesome.  I have to say it is my favorite shoot thus far.

San Francisco Balmy Alley Graffiti Photo Shoot 05

iLHP: Favorite shoot? I love to hear that! haha Did you have fun? :)

Camille: Yes! I had so much fun! Usually you have to be very serious and professional but I felt like I could be my normal weird self. I really enjoyed the energy pictures where I was jumping around and doing ninja kicks and what not haha.

San Francisco Balmy Alley Graffiti Photo Shoot 06

iLHP: I had tons of fun too. I knew it was going to be a great shoot from the first few clicks. Usually the first 15-20 mins is just warm up, but from the first few frames, we got some keepers. Where do you see yourself going with modeling? 

Camille: Yes it is! But in modeling, I want to become very successful and have it as my career. I really want to do  Victoria’s Secret modeling and become an Angel, but that will probably be a while from now. I know that right now, I just need to work hard and never give up, even if I get turned down by a few. I want to be seen on billboards in my future. But even after that, I will not stop striving for better. I want to be the best I can be!

San Francisco Balmy Alley Graffiti Photo Shoot 04

iLHP: Definitely, I think you totally have the potential. So how does it feel like to be published in Italian Vogue?

Camille: Oh my gosh!!! It feels so amazing! When you told me I thought you were joking but I looked and it was no joke!!! I think it’s a pretty awesome accomplishment for where I’m at in modeling right now because I am just beginning. It makes me want to build more and more so that one day I can be on the cover of Italian Vogue.

San Francisco Balmy Alley Graffiti Photo Shoot 08

iLHP: Promise me we will collaborate again? :)

Camille: Yes! Definitely! We make a great team and I had such a great time during our shoot! We have got to work again when you’re back in the Bay Area!

For shoots and runway bookings, contact Camille directly at her Model Mayhem page. Agencies should sign this girl immediately.