Trying to Perfect the Not-So-Shameless Selfie

We have all been guilty of taking a selfie at some point.  Some of us more frequently than others.  And I’m sure that many of those times most of us have not been thrilled with that image of ourselves staring right back at us.  I have often thought to myself, “is this what I really look like?”  I then attempt to take another image from a different angle or make some sort of duck face in hopes of living up to my own narcissistic expectations.

thumps selfie
Me and Thumper | Iphone selfie using my HISY | 2014.

At one time, not that long ago it was the younger generation posing in front of their phone putting on their best face,  but now more and more you will see that all generations are doing the exact same thing.  Today if you search for #selfie on Instagram over 150,000,000 images have used that hashtag.  Strange to think that a word we heard nothing about a few years ago is now known by many people of all ages and common enough to be included in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013.

belmeselfie copy
Belen Lorenzini & Me off to watch the World Cup 2014 | iPhone selfie using my HISY | Toronto.

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