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Debate: The light-field Camera

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The main feature is to be able to choose your focus point afterwards on your computer or tablet.

Lytro Illum! What is that? I assume a lot of you never heard of it yet. Well I’m excited to tell you a little bit about this new kind of camera as it might become a new photography category.

Is it the future of photography? I don’t know, only you, dear readers, will tell us what it is going be.

It’s predecessor appeared 2 years ago but the technology wasn’t really reliable. The game has changed!

But first what is a Lytro Illum?

It is a “light field camera”, in other words, it’s new generation sensor captures the angles of the light it receives.

Why is it useful? It’s interactive!

It enables the camera to deliver a picture in which the reader can “walk through” the picture. It’s kind of a new type of storytelling photography. That is to say, the readers will be able to change himself the depth of field, the focus point and in a certain extent, the perspective in real time.

Video: In the Hands of 5 Leading Visual Storytellers

 Here is the long version of this previous video


“Hands on” video presented by the founder of Lytro

The specs

As I said earlier, it’s a new technology, the sensor is very specific so we’re now talking about Megarays and not Megapixels.  the sensor captures information about the angle from which light has arrived, allowing it to calculate images with different perspective and focus. It features 40 megarays which can seem to be a lot but it’s actually not.  40 megarays represent files of 2494×1870 pixels (aproximately 5Mp). So that’s a pretty low resolution for what we’re used to nowadays but it’s enough for an Internet use. Obviously the technology will evolve and improve, Sony has announced working on a light field camera too and said they already improved the resolution.

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Lytro calls those images “living pictures” and are presented in a proprietary interactive format.

Debate: Is it a new art?

I do think it’s a new way of experiencing photography but I would like to launch a debate about this new kind of camera as the technology is now reliable and usable. Is it the future of photography? Is it the beginning of a new category and will it become a new art?

Please, take a look at the Lytro gallery and have this new experience.

Are you interested in getting one? Tell us what you think about it! We’re eager to read what you have to say about this new technology!