Film is Dead.

But it’s not extinct. Much like when automobiles took over for the horses, our equine friends didn’t disappear. Shooting film, much like horseback riding, has become a hobby but not as a means of everyday life. It’s not personal. It’s a matter of economics. The way we consume photography has changed. We no longer read the paper, buy magazines, or sit around the coffee table sharing vacation albums. The majority of us don’t anyways. The next generation certainly won’t. We get everything through a screen. It’s simply too much trouble to shoot on film and transfer them onto a screen.

Purists and traditionalists will cling onto the “good old days” insisting that “those” were the better times. Vinyl will always sound better. Film will always look better. Nostalgia will always feel better. We can either grow a hipster beard and pretend to live in the past, or try on a pair of Google glasses and learn to love the future. Let’s give film, a twenty-one gun send off. Here’s to you, an ode to film.

2014-07-23 11.20.30 am
Screen capture from a 1995 Kodak commercial.

Here’s to you Kodak. We grew up with your red and gold boxes, oddly in our fridge. We always raised your negatives, to a shining light. Thank you for reminding us, to always savor the moment.

Edwin Land, American scientist and inventor, co-founded Polaroid.
Edwin Land, American scientist and inventor, co-founded Polaroid.

Here’s to you Polaroid. You taught us to be patient, while we waited for you to appear. We wish we cherished you more, while you were still with us. Thank you, for your instant gratification.

Young Stanley Kubrick selfie with a Leica IIIf
Young Stanley Kubrick selfie with a Leica IIIf

Here’s to you Leica. You went from the industry workhorse, to a plaything for the rich. But after all these years, you kept giving us something to aspire to. Thank you, for switching to digital.

So obviously, starting tomorrow on #throwbackthursday, iLHP will begin a new series that will feature vintage 135 and 120 film and film cameras. We can’t let a little thing like obsolescence keep us from enjoying the medium. Stay tuned!