Guess The Format Quiz!


Compact, micro 4/3rd, APS-C, Full Frame?!

There had been, there is and there will always be a debate around sensors sizes, especially lately as the technology gets better and better. It seems like compact cameras, like the Sony RX100 Mark III has reached such a high image quality it can compete with APS-C formats from entry level DSLRs. Pretty amazing! We can also read here and there that the Sony A6000 can almost compete with full frame cameras. Even more astonishing, some risk themselves to compare full frame A7 to medium format cameras.

What’s next? Well, Sony will soon try to introduce a new competitor  to the Hasselblad medium format cameras. But remember, Pentax, Nikon and Hasselblad use Sony’s sensors.

Maybe size does matter when it comes to photography!

But are you sure?

Take the test to see if you can tell the difference between compacts, micro 4/3rd, APS-C or Full Frame sensors. You’ll see that it’s not that easy!

I took the test and got a score of 62% only.

What’s yours? At iLHP, we are curious to know! ;-p